Skåneparets plea: Let's go home.

It was on a Saturday night, as Spain's prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced the new measures against the coronavirus in the country. the Background to this

Skåneparets plea: Let's go home.

It was on a Saturday night, as Spain's prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced the new measures against the coronavirus in the country.

the Background to this is the last known to the reporting of the 288 deaths, and 7 se-753-infected people in the wake of the global assessment. Also, the Kanarieörarna, people have died.

but The Spanish government's latest decision means that the law has become put into quarantine.

Thomas Finnborg, and his partner, Lena Egnér in Helsingborg, sweden went to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria on the 25th of February.

Ahead of them was a month-long stay in the heat.

and Now they are cooped up in an apartment on the beach promenade of Las Canteras beach. The sun, they can only be enjoyed from the private balcony.

" We're not allowed to go out. The only time this is allowed is when we're going to the grocery store or the pharmacy. Then, we are also referring to the smaller back streets, " says Thomas.
The beach is closed and guarded by police.Photo by: < / b> Thomas Finnborg , the Fate of the streets in the centre of Las Palmas, testify to the gravity of the situation. Normally, this is a folkmyller.Photo by: < / b> Thomas Finnborg Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode (Promenade, cordoned, and the fate of the
at the same time, he sees from his balcony, the ways in which both of the normally busy promenade of the day, both the cordoned and no people at all. The beach is kept cordoned and guarded by Spanish police, and the police.

" The one who makes the effort to get down to the water immediately after bortkörd.

With the assistance of an ad hoc legislation, as a violation of the prohibition, and to leave their home, risk a fine of between € 500 and € 2,000.

On the other hand, there is nothing to do. On a Saturday, shut everything down. This also applies to bars and restaurants, " says Thomas.

He said that the couple did not know of any direct concern for the situation. However, there is a boring in the apartment.

" It's the only thing you can do is to follow the trend of the news sites, both here and in Sweden.

When the couple went to Las Palmas, where the situation is seemingly out of the ordinary. Some of my friends that they hung out with went home again without any problem in the world.

Then, the situation has been deteriorating day-by-day.

these are Some of the last of the scandinavian voyagers who managed to fly out to Denmark on Saturday and was familiar to Thomas and Lena.

On the flight, there have been just 17 passengers on board. When they landed here in Las Palmas, they have been met with pure chaos at the airport. Many of them were there and all wanted to return.

the Beachfront of Las Canteras beach is guarded by a patrolling police cars. No one can stay outdoors without a permit.Photo by: < / b> Thomas Finnborg you are Trying to find a solution
At the moment, to feel neither Thomas, or Lena, are themselves no great anxiety, for the coronasmittan.

" But you do understand that the situation is serious. When we shop at the grocery store must be, for example shelling out of your hands, and take the disposable gloves first, " they say.

would it have been possible to cancel the vacation and go home for the day, and they had done it.

" Absolutely." However, we do not have the return journey until the 24th of march. We have booked tickets with the Norweigan, and the company has, of course, are also in big trouble.

the Couple currently have no back up plan, if it would be possible as well.

Astrid Mannion-Gibson, a spokesperson for the Norwegian, wrote in a message to the Kvällsposten, the company is now making every effort to find a solution for the number of passengers who are affected by this situation.

Travelers are encouraged to monitor the information that is posted on the company's website. In many cases, there can be no question of a reservation change to a later departure time.

" the Entire aviation industry finds itself in a difficult and demanding period of time. We are terribly sorry for this, too, can have an impact on our customers, " said the company in a statement.

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Updated Date: 16 March 2020, 02:00

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