So multimiljardären most of the leaders of the German national football

Bayern Munich made short work of all Competitions on Saturday. The German club led 4-0 after the first half, and continued to pump at the other. 4-0 became 5-0

So multimiljardären most of the leaders of the German national football

Bayern Munich made short work of all Competitions on Saturday. The German club led 4-0 after the first half, and continued to pump at the other. 4-0 became 5-0 became 6-0.

it would have been all that was going on and had Got an overwhelming victory had been all but forgotten in the next week. However, in the minutes of the 77 were unique.

The visiting Bayernsupportrarna along with a sign with a hateful message directed at the Dietmar Hopp, Hoffenheims the owner. On the ribbon, was Hoping for a ”Hurensohn” (translated, ”son of a whore”).

the Judge decided to break the game, and many of the Bayernspelarna, as well as coach Hans-Dieter Flick was ahead of the game by the fans, and spoke indignantly to them.

the Banners of the Bayern area.Photo by: < / b> PETER HARTENFELSER THROUGH the WWW.IMAGO-IMAG / the IMAGO IMAGES/HARTENFELSER WWW.IMAGO-IMAGES.DE Collapsed following the parodying-the-scenes: ”Shame the bastards”

the Game is up and running, after ten minutes, only to be interrupted again, and then chose the players to strike. In the final ten minutes was all of the 22 men on the field and just waited out the time.

Bayern Munich's ceo Karl-Heinz Rummenigge raged against the will of their own fans.

" I am ashamed of these idiots. The time has come for the German league and the German League to be together, to stand up to these idiots. This is the ugly side of football. I am ashamed and have apologised to Dietmar Hopp, " he said.

when the final whistle went, then another, the players shared Dietmar Hopp.

" We're statuerade an example of this. This was a historic match. This is the way to go in the future, " said Hoffenheims, Benjamin, Hübner, Die Welt.

on Sunday along the Union Berlin fans out of a banner with the same message as the Bayernfansen did, which led to the fact that the game is temporarily suspended at the end of the first half of the game. At the same time, multi-player, with the Hoffenheimkoppling, including Chinedu Obasi, expressed in terms of its support to Jump on the social media sites.

" Die Welt, is now the issue of the conflict, and the union's response to the changes of German football ever.
Union Berlin-supporters banderollFoto: < / b> ANDREW-DO / AP, TT NEWS agency , Therefore, hate the fans, Dietmar Hopp,

over The final ten minutes between Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich, was the crescendo of the conflict and the debate that has been going on in German football for a long period of time.

the Story of the Jumps, the Competitions and the other clubs ' perspective vis-à-vis those taking their beginning in the year 2000.

Dietmar Hopp is one of the founders of the software company SAP, is the multimiljardär. At the turn of the millennium, he began to take an interest in his old club in all Competitions, playing in the German femtedivisionen. He began to pump money into the club, which is rapidly climbed up through the German divisions, which, in fansajten the Bundesliga Fanatic ”and did the classic clubs are really, really angry”.

with the Bundesliga Fanatic writes that Hope is made of the classic clubs, are concerned about the fact that his Competitions were the beginning of a new era in German football, where billionaires from other parts of the world, took control of the clubs.

the image that is to be shared by the Bundesligaexperten Archie Rhind-Tutt.

" the Reason why he is so disliked is that he enters Competitions with the money in a way that is against the 50+1 rule like the English, the 51% rule, which means that the vast majority of the clubs in Germany are owned by fans. There is a lot of resistance to it, from the most classic clubs in Germany, such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach, " he said to the BBC.

the Hope has become a symbol for the ownership situation of the enthusiasm for the game as a German supporter is against it.

the clash between Dortmund and Hoffenheim
there is no way out towards Hope, and in all Competitions was at its worst in 2008, when they made their debut in the German League and also led the league in the winter break.

Dortmundfansen was the most aggressive in their protests against the Competitions, and Hope. ”Everyone really hate Competitions, but Dortmundfansen was the worst of the bullies, against the Hopes”, said the Bundesliga Fanatic.

After years of protests, answered all Competitions to set-up huge speakers on the Dortmundfansen as they were, in all Competitions in 2011. Eleven incoming Dortmundsupportrar was forced to seek medical help afterwards, as they were affected by problems with their hearing.

Two years later, it hit Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund is back together again, then had a Super chance to be in victory, to play down Competitions in the second division.

in Dortmund, germany led by 1-0 and their fans celebrated. But then you were awarded all Competitions, two penalties, one of which is a controversial one, and turned back to the game. Dortmund have had a kvitteringsboll the inside of the end, but it was judged off of the game, and Dortmundfansen railed against the association, and referred to them as ”mafia”.
Super-fans to protest against Dietmar HoppFoto: the IMAGO SPORTFOTODIENST , Therefore the conflict has flared up again
in The following years, the conflict has been somewhat dormant. Perhaps, in part, to RB Leipzig, who, for the same reason that the Competitions are unpopular in the German supporterkretsar, taking out the top of the German football elite.

But it has recently flared up again, and, just as in the past, it was the German national Dortmundfansens hatred against the Hope, which it was.

as Of the end of december, met in Dortmund, and Hoffenheim, and the Dortmundfans singing hatramsor addressed to Dietmar Hopp. As a result, the German football association, the DFB turned off all of the Dortmundfans to visit the Hoffenheims stadium in the last two seasons.

Archie Rhind-Tutt tells me that the German work in the past directed the discontent to collective punishment, and that the GERMAN promised not to share them. And so it came to a German, this suspension, that is, that the GERMAN broke his promise to you.

That led to the protests in the It City of the upcoming match, where they were a sign of Hope, a face of a telescopic sight, and then, in the match between Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich.

Rhind-Tutt, agree that the spelaraktionen may have been a turning point in German football.

" this is a debate that has been raging in Germany in the last few years, which is about the tradition of the running of the new wave of money. This feels like a turning point for German football, as it shows the division that exists, " he said to the BBC.

the Conflict between the supporters and the club and the league
the Split is clear-cut.

On the one hand, there are the clubs themselves and as the representatives of the clubs. On the other hand, the supportergrupperna, and there has been a conflict in which the sides are very far apart from each other.

Bayern Munich's supporterorganisation ”Südkurve München” has just released a press release saying that the words they used on their sign is common on the terraces, but it is only a matter of the DFB when it was directed at Hope.

The look of the suspension of the Dortmundfans of Competitions, which is an attack on the supporterkulturen in general, and concludes by writing: ”If you want to cancel the football games for that kind of insult will never have to play a match of 90 minutes. The break against Hoffenheim, was absurd. The fans are going to continue to rebel against the " collective punishment”. < / p>

Alexander Rosen, sporting director at Hoffenheim, is on the other side of it.

" We have to analyse the situation and consult with the other clubs in the premier league. We have to work with the association to see what we have to do the next time it happens. However, we can't help ultassupportrarna to win, we are bigger than them, " he said in an exclusive interview with the Archie Rhind-Tutt.

" It is a matter of respect. Is not about racism or discrimination or anything like that. People who use these words, we can't let them win. It destroys, it is a danger to our society, and we need to set a good example. of the German soccer is facing a turning point in our history
In both the traditional and social media, there are many people who have responded to the hard hitting work, when insults are directed towards a club, but nothing appears to happen when a player, for example, are being subjected to racism. At the beginning of February, " said Hertha Berlin's Jordan Torunarigha, that he was the victim of racism from the stands in their match against Schalke 04 but the match went on without interruption.

Marco Fuchs, a reporter at Der Spiegel says that German football is currently facing a turning point in our history.

”If the break is between Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich, so the league will have to act further, there will be no Bundesligaomgång will ever be able to finish all of the games. However, if they are acting just as much against racism, anti-semitism, and sexism, can there be any good thing out of it. That would mean that they are showing that everyone has the same rights,” he says.

in What way will the league choose? The answer we get is likely as early as next weekend, when the new round of the League is waiting for.

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Date Of Update: 03 March 2020, 20:00

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