So, working the lobby group for the construction of Anti new year

these are the two German journalists, Catherine Huth, Jean Peters, from the Correctiv, which, in conjunction with the tv channel ZDF's programme Frontal21, has

So, working the lobby group for the construction of Anti new year

these are the two German journalists, Catherine Huth, Jean Peters, from the Correctiv, which, in conjunction with the tv channel ZDF's programme Frontal21, has infiltrated the country's klimatförnekarrörelse. There have been strong links with the us think tank the Heartland Institute.

pretending to be two of the PR people who represent clients in the automotive industry, was the access to previously unknown information about how the klimatförnekande the lobby groups involved.

" in general, the question we asked ourselves was, ”why does it take so long time for the politicians to act on climate change?” Then, we tried to understand what the person or group of people who delay and obstruct the process. A very, very clear, it is a direct 'climate change deniers' that EIKE Heartland Institute, says the reporter, Jean Peters.
the Journalists, Jean and Catherine, in the role of a public relations consultant from Berlin, germany.Photo by: < / b> Correctiv, and the ZDF/Frontal21 / Correctiv, and the ZDF/Frontal21

According to a report to the us Heartland Institute, in close cooperation with the German EIKE, an organization that denies that human activity is leading to climate change.

At an event in Madrid organised by the Heartland Institute, may, Jean, and his colleagues meet with the statement of a senior strategist to the James Taylor.

" I was completely taken aback. He had a routine and to disguise flows of money and of the donors. And he was boasting about how they are created, and the spread of misinformation. Their approach is impressive, is structured: it has to look good as the news is, be careful what you quote and don't use the same style as the New York Times. It was something he did regularly, " says Jean Peters, on a meeting with Taylor.

James Taylor, a senior strategist at the american think-tank and lobby group the Heartland Institute.Photo by: < / b> Press / Media

He continued.

James Taylor, and obviously had no problem with the fact that my client wished to remain completely anonymous. They were able to donate money through the Donors Trust and it is not going to go to the track at all.
”make it clear that we have to pay”
According to the German disclosure to the wallraffande journalists are also being offered a great range of Youtubern In Seibt.

She has been in the past few months, converted to the willys concept, which is a ”S " new year”, a woman with an opinion that is diametrically opposed to the English klimataktivisten Greta Thunberg. In an interview with the Express newspaper, she said that she was getting paid by the Heartland Institute, and of the fact that climate change is not due to the emission of greenhouse gases.

" The conclusion I have arrived at is that carbon dioxide emissions are not likely to have a significant impact on global warming. It has been warmer, but it is not linked to the emission of carbon dioxide, " she says.

the German Youtubern In Seibt receive a salary from the Heartland Institute for his videos.

According to His Seibt, she is completely independent of the us think-tank.

" If I were to make a speech, or writing articles, it comes from me. The most important thing for me is to maintain my privacy, she told the local.

But, in the words of Jean Peters, he had other promises from the Heartland Institute's James Taylor, at their meeting held in Madrid, spain.

" I asked him if we could send the lyrics directly to Her Seibt, who she could read in his youtube clip. James Taylor said that this could be arranged by using some of the keywords and phrases to repeat. And this is where I made it clear that we have to pay for this, " says Jean-Paul.

a number of experts from the German of the journalists spoken to condemn the Heartland Institute.

" They were well-known for his or her lobbying activity on tobacco control. The tobacco companies paid them to play down the dangers of second-hand smoke. In recent times, they have been very active in the debate on climate change, Christina Deckworth, the spokesperson of the non-profit organization Lobbycontrol, said to the Correctiv and Frontal21.
paid by the
According to Kathleen March, a researcher at the institute for advanced hållbarhetsstudier in the city of Potsdam, IASS, is the Heartland Institute is absolutely not a science.

" None of that, as they say, has to do with science. This is certainly the case if politically motivated statements, " says Kathleen, Mar, to the Correctiv and Frontal21.

Also, Swedish scientists have addressed the criticism of it. Martin Hultman is an associate professor in the technology, science, and environmental studies at Chalmers university of technology, and has been written about the klimatförnekande as a political movement. He argued that the Heartland Institute is a sort of hub for the klimatförnekande the international market.

" They've used a lot of different tactics ranging from creating their own research institutions, to pay the scientist for the campaign. This is probably just another way for them to take action, he told the local.
I Sebit involved in the conservative congress, CPAC, in the united states by 2020.Photo by: < / b> ERIK S. LESSER / EPA / TT / EPA, the TT NEWS agency

Mikael Karlsson, associate professor of environmental science at KTH in stockholm, is believed to be the enhancement of Seibt's about to try a new tactic.

klimatförnekarna't think of something better, they raise this one again, as a young girl, but, I haven't seen that In Seibt in front of something that has objective significance in order to climate change, he told the local.

in Spite of the harsh criticism of the Heartland Institute, holds the Youtubern In Seibt, that it is possible to rely on.

" I always check up on what is published, and to them we would like to invite as a speaker, and it is true of scientists. I have full trust in everybody there, " she said in an interview with the Express newspaper.

as He Seibt gets paid by the Heartland Institute, would like to, however, she is not going to go into.

"It's a very, very average salary, and I am still completely independent," she said in a previous interview.

This is the Correctiv and Frontal21
Correctiv was founded in 2014 and describes itself as ”a non-profit-driven news aggregators.” The work focuses on investigative journalism.

, the Network is driven entirely by a grant. Some of the major contributors is the Omidyar Network, and the Brost Foundation.

, Frontal21 is a tv-programme of German public-service company of the ZDF.

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Updated Date: 13 March 2020, 05:00

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