Stormy times Singapore in the pandemic to the choice

Despite the persistent Corona ends of the pandemic in Singapore is on 10. July early elections to hold. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday in a spee

Stormy times Singapore in the pandemic to the choice

Despite the persistent Corona ends of the pandemic in Singapore is on 10. July early elections to hold. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday in a speech to the Nation, he had asked the President of the city state, to dissolve the Parliament and the elections to declare. In these "turbulent times" need Singapore a "powerful government, with the strong backing of the people," said Lee. "An election at this time, if the situation is reasonably stable – makes the way free to give the new government a fresh Five-year mandate," said Lee. The Alternative is to wait for the election to tackle the crisis, don't give it, because the latest by April 2021 chosen should be and there is no certainty that the pandemic is over until then, so Lee.

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Singapore has loosened since the end of last week, his measures against the Coronavirus step of the way. Now shops and restaurants are re-opened and groups of up to five people allowed. Some limitations remain. The head of the government said, therefore, there is a choice will not have seen you, Singapore "still". This is according to him, but not only on the Coronavirus. The next government must make authoritative decisions that impact far beyond the five years, the legislature also would have. Lee called the consequences of the pandemic for economy, as well as the political developments in the Region and the world, including the tensions between the United States and China.

Singapore was the first country, the withholding in the midst of the Corona-crisis, a choice, said Lee. He cited the examples of South Korea, Taiwan and several European countries. Since the pandemic is not yet over, it is not a "normal" election campaign. The requirements for the safety of voters and the conduct of an effective election campaign were given. To ensure they would be measures taken, such as additional choice of local, distance regulations and the allocation of time slots for the vote. At the rallies, should be dispensed with, and candidates could go from house to house, and via TV and live streaming of the voters turn.

Previously had published the elective office already, some of the new guidelines. To temperature include shoes measurements and Plating of disposable hand before the ballot is handed out. The Opposition criticised the fact that you'll be at a disadvantage, because they could hold no rallies to organize and mobilize their supporters. According to her, the ballot may bring the population at this time in danger unnecessarily.

The efficient city-state had mastered the crisis, initially, had been surprised by a Corona outbreak among immigrant workers. More than 90 percent of the 42,000 infections had occurred among the workers, primarily from Bangladesh, India, and China. The outbreak had highlighted structural problems in the treatment of migrant workers, including accommodation, in cramped conditions. In the meantime, the situation in Singapore has stabilised, according to the Prime Minister, however. Currently, only a single Corona-Patient spent in the ICU.

Especially the wealthy city-state and the predicted slump in the economy by up to seven percent, the sharpest downturn in the history of the country. With multiple stimulus packages, the government has sought the economic consequences still cushion. Lee's People's Action Party (PAP) does not have to reckon with a Punishment at the ballot box. In times of uncertainty, many Singaporeans have put their trust in the party since the independence in 1965 the government. With its deep anchorage in the institutions, conveniently tailored constituencies and their influence on the press you against the splintered Opposition a clear advantage. Singapore is, according to the Index of the organization Freedom House as only "partly free". For the party, this choice is nevertheless of great importance, since it is located in the middle of the transfer of power from the head of government Lee Hsien Loong to a new generation of leaders.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2020, 19:19

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