Sundhages new way of life: to Become recognized on the beach

Wip, Search, describes the challenge in Brazil, its biggest ever.Photo by: < / b> MARCELO SAYAO / EPA / TT she Search at the end of July last year, has been t

Sundhages new way of life: to Become recognized on the beach
Wip, Search, describes the challenge in Brazil, its biggest ever.Photo by: < / b> MARCELO SAYAO / EPA / TT

she Search at the end of July last year, has been the head coach of the brazilian national football team.

for More than a year has passed since she left, everything except the hard drives with a pre-recorded football equipment – back home in Sweden.

two weeks ago, on the 13th of February, she celebrated her 60th birthday.

"I'm just a younger and younger with each passing day," says Pia Search.

" In Brazil, usually all the good guys gather together and eat lunch together. I was invited by our fitness up to the office and they gave me a cake. Then, I took the opportunity to say thank you and I got together two of the sentences in the Portuguese language. I was singing a tune in Portuguese.

" Well, I've had a look at a good foreign language teacher, so I have to try. I'm not 25 years old any longer, but everything takes a very long time. However, it turned out to be, as my father used to say.
Search having the decisive penalty against England in the european CHAMPIONSHIP final in 1984.Photo by: < / b>, LARS JANSSON . ”My biggest challenge ever,”

she Search is one of the top football players and coaches of all-time.

in 2003, she was elected as the first woman to be entered into the american football Hall of Fame. As a trainer, she has two OLYMPIC gold medals with the united states, as well as an OLYMPIC silver and a european bronze medal in Sweden.

at the same time, she is a Brazil that have not won a major in years, and where it longs for the medals.

" It's a great challenge to me ever, but also the most rewarding. I am very good at being in the here and now. I will make sure I follow my routine. I'm working out, walking and visiting the beach whenever I have the time to, say, Search.

" I am not out and about very often. However, I can at the beach. I'll fly, there will always a few who want to take pictures with me, and it really means a lot.

" every time they recognize me, they recognize women's football. This means that they have been seen as a game or a press conference. The more they know me, it's a victory for women's football in Brazil. - Winds of change-in-Brazil
at the same time, it will begin to happen in women's football in Brazil, suggests the Search.

on The day of the broadcast, the brazilian was top of the league, on tv, and the team has a press conference – something that had never been used.

" It wasn't on the map. When I was here for the first time, I only saw men, maybe a woman, but for now, the coaches of the under-20 and Under-17 team, the women are, " says Search.

" I'll have to be the front man. However, there are many people around me, of course).

But there is more work to do, " she says.

" there is a lot of medals. To win an olympic gold medal is a change in behavior, but it doesn't change a damn thing. It's all about creating a better league, and that the whole of the time development of the universe. However, they chose to employ a foreign woman who is the manager of a big change. So, every little helps.
”All are listening to one winner, and Brazil has not been on a year and a day,” says Search.Photo by: < / b> LEO CORREA / AP, TT NEWS agency She Search where the pressure to win medals
he chooses to highlight is the OS, which can be crucial for the development process.

" I can tell you this: If there will be a medal in the OLYMPICS when it can, just about anything can happen. The whole country has been given a boost in the last couple of months. All of the listening to be a winner, and Brazil has not been in years.

The brazilian national football team is undergoing a generational change. Top players like Marta, Cristiane and Formiga is doing is probably his last tournament.

" we talk a lot about it. It will be their last OLYMPICS – there will be a medal or not, " says Pia Search.

" It's a pressure, but it is a pressure that is a positive. A person's development in any way. The expectations are great, and the range of the out a little bit and do better. Actually, it's not unreasonable expectations.
a Different land, also for the Search

Search has been erected as a part of your life, but have never been to a country such as Brazil. The residents describe her as a ”warm weather” – and she says that everything is different than in Sweden.

" Everything is relaxed, and there is no comparison with anything, really. I thought the US was special and when I got there, however, it is not possible to compare them. It's just a matter of following of a train.

In Sweden, we are very good at keeping times, I am always on time. I thought all the same. In Brazil, the keep I never have the time. It will never be as you have imagined it. There is a relaxed atmosphere in all parts of the world.

She says that the loss of the loved ones are big. When time permits, she'll see to it that the journey back home. But she's close to the beach in Brazil-help in everyday life.

a new 60-year-old living in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro on the famous Copacabana beach, with a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean.

" I'm staying, just like I did in Los Angeles, close to the sea. And it doesn't hurt. I am very hemmakär as a person, and I never would have thought I would have to leave again. Then, I need something that will give me a lot of energy, " she says.

the president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro.Photo by: < / b> FOTOARENA / SIPA USA CopacabanaFoto: LUIZ GOMES / ZUMA PRESS, the TT NEWS agency is a Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode ”It is not a sentiment I share,”
at the same time that women's football takes the stage in Brazil, the country is ruled by the högerextreme president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro is antifeminist and homophobe. In past interviews, he has said that he would rather see his son dead than to know that he was gay.

" I haven't missed it. I will look up some words when I watch the news and keep up with a little bit of an effect. However, an overall picture is that women's football can do good when you have one that Bolsonaro says the Search.

" don't have it. It has affected me in the sense that I get to have interesting discussions. I was in Brazil at the same time, that is, when the Amazon basin was an exchange of views. When it was discussed a lot – what about the president? And what does he have to say? I have the luxury that I get to listen to what other people think about it.

" It is not a sentiment I share.

Before I'm off to the OLYMPIC games in Tokyo for the summer, waiting for the tournament in France. There are, Brazil, the Netherlands, germany, France, and Canada.

" There will be a generous measure. We will also get the chance to see how good we really are. We've had a lot of the games we've won. It's going to be so much fun, " says Pia Search.

" oh, Yes, I really do. It would have been a pain otherwise. Recently, I was at a carnival. I will be using as much of the weird stuff.

" no, No, not really. I can't tell you.

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