Sweden's approach to the corona, has failed to

today, With 35 new cases in the Region has been in 399 cases out of covid-19 has been diagnosed in Sweden. Two of the patients are cared for in the intensive ca

Sweden's approach to the corona, has failed to

today, With 35 new cases in the Region has been in 399 cases out of covid-19 has been diagnosed in Sweden. Two of the patients are cared for in the intensive care unit. In a handful of cases, the lack of an obvious route of infection, which can be linked to the length of your stay abroad or are in contact with the already affected people. The hypothesis of the existence of the samhällssmitta is getting stronger and stronger. It seems to me that the covid-19 is a highly contagious disease, even if it is by some experts considered to have a relatively low mortality rate.

In the present circumstances, there is a suspicion of samhällssmitta in the region of Stockholm and Västra Götaland. It was apparent from yesterday's press conference was that the county medical in the Stockholm Region considers that the current approach is to sample all of the people who come with symptoms of of of risk areas, as well as the kontaktspåra of the positive cases, it would be impossible to enforce due to a lack of resources. The capacity of our laboratory to analyze and communicate the test results to be limited. It will take a long time to announce the results for the sampled patients who are staying in the home.
the test Is one-hundred percent?

a number of other studies, the sensitivity of the genetic tests that are used to detect the covid-19 and has been as low as 70%, which means that three out of every ten people will be missed using this test. The sensitivity of the test for which they are using in our country is not known. Continue to, it aims to concentrate the sampling to those patients who come to emergency hospitals, in order to prevent the spread of infection in health care.
Detected the infection? We don't know the sensitivity of the coronatestet, which is used in Sweden, writes Staffan Sylvan.Photo by: < / b> SHUTTERSTOCK
It is a well-known fact that the medical resources that are available in the uk are very tight. The Swedish national Board of health, the national progress report of the 2020-03-09 shows that more than half of the sites of hospitals, less than one-half of the relevant staff have undergone training and practice in the care of patients in the acute evaluation of covid-19, isoleringsvård of a patient with a confirmed covid-19, or in intensive care units in the isoleringsenhet.

in the Majority of regions are reporting a shortage, or a shortage of personal protective equipment, and provtagningsmateriel. In this inventory, it was reported that the total number of personal protective equipment in Sweden, the regions are enough for the 5 806 diagnosbesök and 1 444 days.
- risk Groups must be protected
see how we will meet out at the moment. The government has, since the political experience of narkolepsitragedin in connection with the massvaccinationsbeslutet against the pandemic influenza in 2009, and handed over the full responsibility of managing the spread of the covid-19-Folkhälsomyndigheten, as well as pledged to vote in favour of the proposal for action by the authority bring to the table. Folkhälsomyndighetens a strategy to stop the spread of the covid-19 in the community through a targeted diagnosis of the people from the danger zones, and contact tracing on these has ended in failure.

Let's hope that the new strategy is to ensure that the most vulnerable groups in society, from the new coronavirusinfektionen will be more successful. < / span> < / span>

it consultant

the Former county medical officer of Uppsala county.

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if you Suspect the corona of the symptoms? So you are going to do

Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 07:00

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