Talangens a new triumph, She's beautiful.

Before the race, made it clear the Bear Röcklinger in La, Plus, Belle is still vintertränar, is heavy in body, and does not have a tip-top shape. In other words

Talangens a new triumph, She's beautiful.

Before the race, made it clear the Bear Röcklinger in La, Plus, Belle is still vintertränar, is heavy in body, and does not have a tip-top shape. In other words, should the competition be afraid of the day when the horse is starting to cut in earnest.

" She is awesome!! I am hoping that she will be developed enough to allow her to be able to do something årgångslopp. However, she is only enrolled in Breeders’ Crown, so it has to be what we are aiming for, " said the Bear Röcklinger after Wednesday's win.

The four-year-old kullsystrarna do not have the fleet-footed lady, in the largest context presented in the fall. However, there are a lot of other races, and will continue to the La Plus Belle along the way, she is not easy to deal with.

" She's in the race. Before that, she is distracted and runs and cranks with his legs in all directions, but when it becomes a race she did a good job. It's just that, in the position to know that in the last lap, she runs out of the goal, " said Eriksson.

He ran to the horse at all times, and this time, he served the mare in a race to the third party on the outside. Halvvarvet from the case, ruled he was in the third lane, and then delivered to the La Plus Belle, a ruffled finish and a captured in the end, Digital Download.

" I've been driving it, which resulted in a lot, and you know that it is a very good horse. He was right to snatch it away, but it was a little bit faster.

the driver behind the måltvåan set with Ulf Eriksson, the son of Anders Eriksson.

"Yes... Now, do I get any gifts for christmas this year, either," said segerkusken. , King of the Aby
Solvalla horse racing track is in V86-round, with Malaga and was another of stjärnämne up. The King of Everything had to do with a brutal opening of the third lane in order to get to the lead, but still had the courage and the strength to keep the competition behind him all the way.

" It's an amazing horse. Then, feeling it was the first of five runs in 1.08,9 a. It's not sommarförhållanden right away. However, I didn't have much of a choice. The inside of the ran against each other in order to release to me, and it was only going to continue to move forward. Then it was strong to keep it, of course, but he's been trained, " said trainer and driver Brian Smith.

There was a King of the Everythings in the fourth win in seven starts, and the future, waiting for more information.

" I hope he's able to stay fresh and on Saturdays to begin with. Then, perhaps, it may be one of the fyraåringsloppen.
three in a row from the tip of the
Thomas Uhrberg has a nice horse in the four-year-old Jw's Delight. He came in with two straight wins out of the lead and when he responded he said that he is behind startbilen extended stay in the city.

" He's been fine the whole time, and the semi-finals already, at the age of two. Then screwed it to a bit of throat infections, and as in the treåringssäsongen. However, it began to release him in the fall.

" It's a horse with a lot of muscle. He's got good strength, and it is good to the psyche of him, the said Thomas Uhrberg.

Before that, there was A Preacher failed to favoritspelarnas the expectations of the of Malaga. He had to take the lead without a fight and the driver of Anders Christiansson were then able to pull down in the save a horse power. It's tougher still, when Felix, V. M., challenged of the finish, but A Preacher fought a worthy one, and will finish as the runner-up.

" Now, we are back!!! However, we must apologize for there was not even a race. However, you will still be nervous when the lines were so damn good. Damn, so sweet! said the horse, colourful trainers, Tony Lofgren.

Laura Myllymaa-trained Bellmondo also got to face up to the segerdefilering of Malaga, since he has been guided, first to cross the finish line of the Christian b & B.

”You have to pinch themselves in the arm”

the Three Shirts Malibu came from a rich film of the V75 since he knew nothing of the other pair on the outside. This time around, he was back in the old good nature, and sprinted to a safe win from the back of the head.

" It was very helpful. You will need a bit of luck, and I was very happy when the Bears finish she attacked out of 1,000 are left, for it had been rather slow. It's a really nice horse here that has had a bit of trouble with his legs, but he has great capabilities, " said trainer and driver Mika Forss (chairman) at Solvallas vinnarcirkel.

the Rest of the V86-race huvudstadsbanan was won by Richard N, Professor. At first he sat there, Marcus Mathisen-trained Cobbys Station, and then he jumped up from behind the Sir Ratzeputs, which struck to the very quick of 1.12,2 of 2 140 metres, with the voltstart in his first start in nearly a year.

" the same day, it is the case that we have to pinch himself in the arm. I don't know how Timo Nurmos, but to be present in a horse that is going to be out after such a long period of time, and do a race, it's just that he can do it, " said the Professor.

In V86 paid, eight to the right of the 65 of 597 dollars. Of the seven, right, you got the 619 million and for the five a right for 60 dollars.


Date Of Update: 27 February 2020, 09:00

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