The General, with the Swedish connection, can gain to Israel's elections – the challenge of the Country

It was far from crowded, when the former commander-in-chief, Benny Gantz holds the rally at the Yahalom theater in Ramat Gan, outside of Tel Aviv. The supporter

The General, with the Swedish connection, can gain to Israel's elections – the challenge of the Country

It was far from crowded, when the former commander-in-chief, Benny Gantz holds the rally at the Yahalom theater in Ramat Gan, outside of Tel Aviv. The supporters are crying ”This will be Israel's next prime minister!”, however, the audience is more conservative.

and the Israelis are starting to get tired, when they are called to the polls on Tuesday for the third time in the eleven months of the year. Gantz has a good chance of winning, even if prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a tail wind in the final polls.
it Can be one of the fourth selection
the Outcome can also be a continuation of the political deadlock and lead to a fourth set of elections within a short time.

" the Country is corrupt, a danger to democracy. We are hoping for a change. However, there is a possibility of a fourth choice, " says Benny Pogeginsky, 62, and his wife, Debra, 57, both of the real estate agents who have come to listen to the Gantz home in Ramat Gan.

Debby Had Pogeginsky at the rally by Benny Gantz.Photo by: < / b> " ARNE LAPIDUS

Benny Gantz's, 60's, and had a long, successful career behind him when he was little more than a year after the establishment of the middle portion, white-Blue, and threw her into the tumultuous israeli politics. The primary – and perhaps sole – objective is to get rid of the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, 70, accused of corruption and, in three cases, and ”a danger to democracy,” according to its opponents.

the Mother was rescued to Sweden.

" I'm very proud of my brother. He's doing what he believes in, and got the values from our mom. Which ended up with them from his time in Sweden, " says the Ad Yogev, 56, is the sister of the leader, who may be Israel's leader after the election.

" Our mother, Malka, were rescued from the German concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. She was only 17 years old, and completely emaciated. Sweden did it to her, and gave her life back.
Ad Yogev, the sister of Benny Gantz.Photo by: < / b> in PRIVATE

"my Mother used to say," you can always choose to do what you believe in. In other countries, could have made an effort, but it was Sweden who did the same. We have always been grateful, " she says.

Malka Gantz, who was White in the first, then came to Sweden with the Folke Bernadotte's white buses in 1945, the second world war's final phase. She was given to the rehabilitation and recovery of his powers and has flourished in Sweden,” according to his daughter.
Malka Gantz, in Sweden, in 1946.Photo by: < / b> PRIVATE , and Grew up in the ' svenskhus”
After a one-and-a-half years in Sweden, she was in 1947, on board a ship in Trelleborg, the port, which brought jewish immigrants to what was then the british mandate of Palestine. That was the state of Israel, and for a year or so later. On the way, she met her future husband, Nachum Gantz, a jewish refugee from Romania, and when the boat made a stop in Italy to pick up more of the survivors of the Holocaust.
Malka and Nachum Gantz.Photo by: < / b> PRIVATE
The English connection was continued. At the beginning of the 1950s, combined with the newly-formed English Israelhjälpen with a broad-based political, trade union and church support, out of more than a million dollars to the state of Israel. The money financed, among other things, the 70's Swedish wooden house in the village of Kfar Achim, which the family of the Gantz live. They were able to move into a ”svenskhus” in 1953, and the majority of these buildings still stand to this day.

Benny Gantz was brought up with three siblings, and the parents of the little tvårumshuset – they saw it as a great luxury to have running water and a toilet indoors. Fyrabarnsfamiljen also received a jewish refugee in their home.

”svenskhus”, in the village of Kfar Achim, 1953.Photo by: < / b> KFAR ACHIM REPOSITORY

" our village was svenskhusen was due to my connection to Sweden as well. My parents lived in the house until they died, and it is left as an annexe to the new house. In our family, and the whole of Kfar Achim, and will always be grateful to our English connection, " says the Ad Yogev.

a Dirty election campaign, the today, However, Benny Gantz is not the time to be thinking of. He is quite busy in the run-up in the election campaign, which has been dirtier than ever, with the cool-makers and the mass production of fake news on social media.

Israel went to the polls in april and september of last year. However, nobody succeeded in forming a new government. Therefore, many of the voters, the right of be indifferent to it this time.

This is despite the fact that there is no lack of the dramatic elements behind the choice. As Donald Trump announced the controversial plan for an israeli-palestinian peace in the recent past. And that is a korruptionsrättegång prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to start two weeks after the day of the election.

the Country leads within a

in the Country, and his party Likud, has been a key direction in the polls ahead of the leader of the opposition, Gantz, and that his centrist party Blue and white. However, there is no indication that any of the blocks in the parliament, the knesset, a clear majority of citizens.

" I agree Gantz, even though he is not perfect. It's a reasonable option. We need to have the transfer of power, the Country is corrupt and, in the extreme, " says Yigal Shekels, 57, an economist, an explosion of Gantz in Ramat Gan.

< Yigal Shekel of the caucus, with the leader of the opposition, is Benny Gantz.Photo by: < / b> " ARNE LAPIDUS
the Temperature is, the higher the Netanyahu rallies. In the south of Tel Aviv, is one of the Likuds, the strong mounts, the crowd and the queue of people outside the event venue, Lee will come in and listen to the leader.

" the Country has done a good job in the past year, in terms of both safety and economy. I will just trust in him, and he is an example to be followed. He is a chess master, each move is calculated, " says Yafit, Simon, 50, an entrepreneur in Tel Aviv.

Yafit Simon at the election rally of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Photo by: < / b> " ARNE LAPIDUS is the Person, not the ideology of the
a Lot depends on the person, and less about ideology. For or against a Country, that is the question. Netanyahu said that Gantz is inexperienced and incompetent. Gantz is describing Netanyahu as a danger to democracy, the israeli counterpart to Turkey's prime minister.

the Prime minister, will on the 17th of march to appear in court in Jerusalem, he is charged with an offence on three points of law. However, it really is now for the prosecution, and the trial does not seem to influence the voters in any significant degree.

About half of israelis want to get rid of him, but in the second half, contesting the charges and believe that he is the victim of a conspiracy by ”the establishment”.

< Vågmästare most important aspect in the selection
The most important thing a person of is not the two main contenders, but Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of the small party, Israel our home, which primarily represents immigrants from the former Soviet union. He has always stood up for the right, now to define himself as opposed to the orthodox of the jewish parties – and is expected to be in a position in between the blocks. Avigdor Lieberman, is expected to be vågmästare in the election.Photo credit: ODED BALILTY / AP, TT NEWS agency

Many of the Libermans of the followers are in place, and when he performs at the municipal auditorium in Bat Yam, a suburb of Tel Aviv with many Russian-speaking residents.

" Lieberman remains true to its ideals, then it does not stand strong against all the opponents. It's a good thing that he is fighting against religious coercion. I would like to have a public transport system, and the open shops on the sabbath day, a lot of money to be spent on religious schools, " says Natalie Elal, 38, a lawyer and a politician, the Libermans of the party, from Rishon Lezion.
Natalie Elal at the election meeting, with the vågmästaren, Avigdor Lieberman.Photo by: < / b> " ARNE LAPIDUS
is the Third
Israel elects a new parliament, the knesset, on the 2nd of march. This is the third in the eleven months of the year. In the last two elections, managed to not block the majority of the 120 seats in the knesset.

• the Likud (the collection). Long-standing governing party, which is led högerkoalitioner. Editorial: Benjamin Netanyahu.

• Yamina (to the right). The alliance between the right wing and the religious. Leaders: Dan Bennett.

Shas. The orthodox party, with the support of the oriental jews. Leader: Aryeh Derivative.

• the United Tora judaism. The orthodox party, with the support of the ashkenazi (european) jews. Leader: Yaakov Litzman.

• the Blue and white. Centrist party and the main opposition party. He Is Benny Gantz.

• the Labor party (in an alliance with the left party Meretz). It is in the past statsbärande the social democratic party. Leader: Amir Peretz.

• can be Joined to the list. The alliance between the four arab parties. Leaders: Ayman Odeh.

• the Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel is our home). Antireligiöst party, mostly supported by migrants from the former Soviet union. Leader: Avigdor Lieberman
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