The Police are sick of football: discontent trade union for the working conditions for the River-Mouth

Almost half of the agents come out and have 70 euros as diet: "Many will have to go to sleep just 100 km from Madrid" Nearly 4,000 troops to the River-Boc

The Police are sick of football: discontent trade union for the working conditions for the River-Mouth

Almost half of the agents come out and have 70 euros as diet: "Many will have to go to sleep just 100 km from Madrid"

Nearly 4,000 troops to the River-Boca, they can get close to 500 fans "especially violent"

Navarro Montoya: "Argentina has naturalized violence"

The 28th of November, Madrid -and the Police-found themselves abruptly with a football game that was not marked on any calendar. An international event, the River-Mouth of the Libertadores Cup final that no one would have crossed my mind as a real possibility. That duel of high-risk required the development of a safety device of similar scope, and all this, in addition, in the middle of one of the bridges most traditional of all the calendar. Hence the investment, which is encrypted yesterday at 650.000 euros, only to the National Police for the security plan called the Operating CABA -acronym of the city of Buenos Aires - which began yesterday and will last until the early hours of next Sunday, when the match has concluded and a large part of the displaced persons to the capital are flying back to Argentina, after celebration, yes, of the fans who comes out victorious.

In this operation there will be, according to figures yesterday gave the Government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, 2.054 police national, which will be half of the total numbers (around 4,000). And of them, almost half, close to 900, come from outside of Madrid, so it is necessary to the payment of allowances. A few bonuses that in most cases are 70 euro (lower than those received in the Municipal Police) and that should fix the duration of their service. "Quantities are [those 70 euros] that is not reviewed since 2003, and with that you have to solve the accommodation and the food. Many will go to sleep 100 miles from the place in which they're going to be working", explains Ramon Cosio, a spokesman of the Unified Union of Police. From there it is claimed that a portion of the benefits that the organization (CONMEBOL) obtained by the event would impact on the police itself. These benefits are an open question, although there are other more visible: according to the data offered of the employers of madrid (CEIM), will be 42 million euros that leave the end in the economy of madrid.

The soccer still comes, at the end of each week, one of the big headaches for the police. "It is not understood that to keep coming out for free to the clubs. It is not only a problem for this River-Mouth, happens in every football match, ' lament from within the National Police. This Sunday, nor the CONMEBOL (organizer of the event), or Real Madrid (who gives the stadium), nor the Spanish Football Federation (which has given the necessary permission for the dispute of the party) will change that trend, which collides with the celebration of other sporting events. For example, in the Back Cyclist to Spain, Unipublic pay diets (apart from those 70 euros) for the group that accompanies the race.

Those 650.000 euros that are going to come out of the coffers of the State to cover, for example, each hour of flight of the helicopter, which requires 2,000 euros just in fuel and maintenance. Or the work of the Units of Intervention Police (known as the riot), the Canine Unit, Subsurface soil, the Mobile Brigade or the Information. Also, the vans, nearly half of which will come from outside the city, seven for each of the 30 groups operating. Everything to try and not to happen anything or in the hours preceding or subsequent to the shock.

Barras bravas deported

The security measures are fully operational from Friday, in the streets and from several days ago in the Madrid airport. After the deportation of Maxi Mazzaro, a leading ultra-Boca Juniors, Thursday, yesterday it was the turn of a second fan of argentina. It is Christian Ariel Ghisletti, one of the bars bravas most notorious and dangerous River. The Police denied entry to Spain because they consider it high risk. The attention is maximum and the rumors are shot. During some of the hours of Friday, some witnesses claimed to have seen Rafa Di Zeo, the leader of the ultras of the Mouth, in Madrid, end which could not be confirmed.

Di Zeo, he obtained permission to travel to Madrid, but he himself transmitted through his lawyer that he would not, as it is also sanctioned in Argentina with the prohibition of entry to sports venues. Yesterday the calm presiding over the surroundings of the Bernabeu and the central areas of Madrid, in hopes that today will produce the desembargo of the vast majority of argentines.

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Date Of Update: 09 December 2018, 20:01

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