The Valencia faces the abyss

Matches against Young Boys (1-1) and still win a match in League of Champions. Their sorting options almost disappear Without just to generate chances, the

The Valencia faces the abyss

Matches against Young Boys (1-1) and still win a match in League of Champions. Their sorting options almost disappear

Without just to generate chances, the successful interventions of the Net saves the point

"Crisis: Situation bad or difficult". The Valencia CF since he can't run away from that word to define your time. Sunk on the table in the League, without effectiveness, and with problems to reach the goals, to the contrary, yesterday took a further step into the abyss with a draw against Young Boys that forces him to turn to face the Europa League because the Champions league already seems to be a top is nearly impossible to scale. [Narration and statistics]

Or the old-fashioned artificial turf, or the illusion of the cinderella of the group, not even the ballast mental of a bad start in the League. The Valencia could not afford a misstep. Had to shake off the excuses and fight for a victory that would give a breath of oxygen to keep fighting for a side in second place in the group and, of step, a stimulus to arouse in the national championship. But it was not so. The team of Marcelino did not change in the Champions league. Their weaknesses remain the same, that will remain sunk in the standings. At the Stade de Suisse, Berne is not only not improved in attack, but they made mistakes of which his opponent took advantage. And not more because it appeared Net.

it did Not take Valencia win possession of the ball, but to attach to the swiss. In the first quarter of an hour, Net I was already aware that he would not have a calm match. What could appear to be whipping more of faith than of football, including the face of the impossibility of são Paulo and Diakhaby for the fast Assalé and the burly Hoarau, a couple who didn't know how to tie the hands. Did not know at any point in the match.

The sigh of relief caused Batshuayi. A perfect pass from Carlos Soler with the foreign made good the clear to the limit of out of play from the belgian, who beat Wölfli to score his first goal in the Champions league and the Valencia. The anxiety seemed to vanish, and Even sent a ball to the crosshead. Even Batshuayi had another chance to beat the goal of the swiss. Arrived occasions, but was still missing the hit.

however, in the second part of the script took a turn. The boots of the Young Boys, to which Marcellin called for a pause to his men, had award. Parejo was launched to prevent Hoarau catch a ball in the area and caused a penalty unnecessary that you have paid a high price because the French do not desaprovecho the opportunity to release the marker for his team in the Champions league.

At that minute 53, the Valencia disappeared. Knocked out, grogui, left the ball, occasions and up to the spirit in the hands of the swiss, to despair of the founder, until he made a slight change of system. Only the interventions of the Net - aided by the sticks - shots of Fassnacht and later Nsame prevented that the marker engordara in a duel that became a back and forth in the last few minutes. Nothing was served by the tie.

The future in the Champions league darkens without the Valencia is how to solve your obvious crisis. In almost all the statistics he was able to win the swiss team, the cinderella that have goleado as Manchester United and Juventus.

In a group that forces you to fight with two giants of Europe, the victory in Bern was a must for a Valencia, or even deserved.

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Date Of Update: 26 October 2018, 19:28

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