The basis of the united states lives in a state of despair

the Economy is the greater, the higher education institutions the best, and the OLYMPIC medals are still the highest, but the average life expectancy is falling

The basis of the united states lives in a state of despair

the Economy is the greater, the higher education institutions the best, and the OLYMPIC medals are still the highest, but the average life expectancy is falling. It makes it a few years ago, and for the first time in the rich country, therefore, that a sufficient number of americans to die, young enough to push the figure for all of the 329 million.

the Deaths of despair as they put it, for the people to despair to the point of death, most of the towns along the rivers, and the bergsryggarna into the country, where the sekelskiftesvillorna is due. People have moved into the rectangular boxes, made of plastic, and most of the knarkar, whether intentionally or not.

The seventh most populous state, Ohio has exceeded the prescriptions of pain killers a year or two ago, the number of inhabitants in 2017, took the overdose deaths of more american lives than the war in Vietnam, the suicides have increased by 30 per cent in 20 years, and many of them are far out of the spirit.

in Today's industry, the political editor of the PM, Nilsson "

recently, the second and the stretch between Oklahoma city and the State, he matured as a overwhelming and psychologically tough.

This is a type of russifiering of the united states:the interior, which is made by the Fox News, or the Donald Trump's , and is not going to be tampered with by the guides to death. In the united states are all to the front, not bend an inch, so they are absent, and the problems are related. They are the worst in the country, but seeping into middle-class expanse of the suburbs.

the Author, Yuval Levin.

in the united states are, quite simply, a ”massive social crisis,” writes the Yuval Levin , normally the editor of the journal National Affairs, in the volumes of debate is ”A time to build” in January, but the signs in front of everything is an existential crisis.

this is The most ångestridna communities in the economic had gradually improved since the financial crisis, at the same time, social problems have become worse. He has no answer, because it gets stuck in the individuals, and the united states:the crisis is not an individual, but of institutions, like Levin's book.

of the Institutions are blurred, and difficult to think about, especially for the statsindividualistiska right, but the conservatives have done so since the Burke , the social sciences have engaged in, and teorivänstern do it really well, but to call them ”standards,” and to think that you have to be on their guard.

it has Been like the opposite is true: the healthy institutions serve a noble purpose, and the shape of good people, neighbors, reporters, and presidents. They create structure and meaning, a bit like fixed routines in their everyday life, and serves as a safety net for those with the least social capital to be social equity, which is a bit like the rich in Brazil, you can do it. When they can no longer perform its load-bearing role of the community in, they, and the people are beginning to fall through.

This is the american condition. According to Levin, and this is the book's big idea –to allow the institutions to have been for other reasons, mostly self-fulfillment, and branding.

Tankefiguren is the better looking of the English language, he distinguishes between formative (good) and the performative (bad) institutions, but the prisoners somehow, and for a while it lajvar the leader of the private life on Instagram, and told reporters, has bylinebilder of the A3 size, and the heads of the professional organizations to use their exalted positions to think about for a little bit of everything in the world.

These trends are not just a roudy, like Levin, they are destroying trust in politics, journalism and the departments as a whole. The cure is a new, and better, hence the title. This is a very conservative, moralistic, and often brilliant, and sometimes quite far-fetched.

the Author, Michael o'leary.

for a more conventional, materialistic reading of the american issues of ”The new class war”, also published in the month of January. The key words here are class and power. The power is in the political, economic, social and cultural, and in the united states in recent years have shifted, but above all, they have grown together.

”The one percent” is a great surface, but it is a real nyckelspelaren here's to the next 10 to 15 percentage of the professional elite who now dominate all of the maktsfärer, and, thus, have reversed the balance between labour and capital, but also of the public itself. They are simply mounted in the bottom of the safe consensus is that they are now accusing the backlash of trying to turn the pieces.

Proffsklassen like to argue amongst themselves (That is, the storstadsliberala pekpinnarna, idiot! It's the other! The conservative party have become solve, in the flesh!) in fact, it is more common than would like to admit: the credits, make friends, and refuse to see the beam.

The anywheres and somewheres, you've heard it all before, but it reflects the reality quite well. The pros take about 50% of AMERICA's assets (the balance of which accrues to the super rich and the rest of the 90%), and are very mobile. Tvärsnittsamerikanen, on the other hand, lives two miles from her parents ' house, and almost two-thirds have never lived outside of their home country.

as well As Levin's analysis is more pointed than that of the solution, in summary, is a sort of balancing Saltsjöbadsanda in all of the realms, and as has Been traced the problem to a felkonstruerad it.

All the drills now, but you can have a variety of reasons. Either has Been, or Lime, is the extremist, or even particularly polemical. They are slightly to the right and to the left of the centre, warns about a sense of nostalgia, do not want to destroy the status quo and have no obscure agenda. They will stop at nothing to Donald Trump like the plague, but he did not, for the sake of making the analysis, or to prevent his gaze from being turned inwards when needed.

In this way, they are also very good, and rather typical of the representatives of the more careful corners of the u.s. idédebatten, in which both the right and the left to reconsider, in the light of the variable and on the right the dark to the reality, because anything else would be absurd.

you Want to cook it, that's not real, it is not enough to form the front or to keep the story in mind. You have to understand his or her own timing mechanisms as well. When it's good, if it is not to be seen as advertising to make a response.

William Åhlund, is a writer.

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A Time-To-Build. From family, to community, to congress and to the campus, how and recommitting to our institution and it can revive the american dream, Basic Books, 2020.

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