The crucial factor of the behind-the-mörkandet

the AIK went out of the american football, start to conceal the damage that the team suffered. at the same time, have Stockholmsklubben not have wanted to com

The crucial factor of the behind-the-mörkandet

the AIK went out of the american football, start to conceal the damage that the team suffered.

at the same time, have Stockholmsklubben not have wanted to communicate the length of time a player is expected to be resolved.

A recent example of this is last year's icelandic storvärvning Kolbeinn Sigthorsson, who has been out of the game for a longer period of time. But just to have it as a ”underkroppsskada”. Last week, however, the AIK coach Rikard Norling, in a video clip on the club's website that the particular the game of Sigthorsson of the year, is seen as a pure bonus, which would suggest that the anecdotal evidence that leaked out and been talked about as a serious knee injury to be true.

For a couple of weeks ago, announced the birth you will be communicating about the injury in a way similar to the one from the AIK, and is now going to Malmö FF by the similar information.

"We're going to communicate in a less precise, and there are a number of reasons for this," says the CLUB's sporting director Daniel Andersson.

Malmö FF will be just as AIK and IFK Gothenburg, sweden, to make use of the concepts of over - and underkroppsskada as well as talk about the length of time a player is in danger, that was out of the league.

"One of the reasons is simply a matter of the players' privacy, and it has been the desire of many of the players for a longer period of time, that we're going to do this, " says Andersson.

< Jo Lodge, the Mount, was injured in the cup to Town. The CLUB have not reported any damage to it.Photo by: < / b>, MAGNUS LEJHALL / BILDBYRÅN , there Is a tactical reason for the policyändringen in the CLUB
Players Kvällsposten in the past have talked about the subject the less the transparency of the damage has been, among other things, it refers to the fact that it would be less attractive to other clubs, for example, if you injured multiple times in the same place. Even if the damage has happened for several seasons, then it will affect the other club's interest. As other players have pointed out that they feel discomfort about one's physical status, in detail, will be placed in the public domain.

Daniel Andersson does not, in fact, that it is a purely athletic reasons, Malmö FF's new policy.

" It is a matter of pure tactics, if any of the information that the other players will be able to get in advance. There are two points of view. The first is whether we need to establish that someone is attracted to one surface of the hind's back, you know, all about of how long the player will be gone. If you do not place it in as much detail as is available, there is a slight advantage for us in the uncertainty of the adversary. And with all of the charting done in a day, each and every detail, play a role in the big picture, " says Daniel Andersson, and move on.

" The other point of view, and this I know myself, after all these years as a player, that is, if, for example, say a player has an injury to the rib cage. Then, the player is often an early whack to the ribs in the next game. There is no claim made by others, but enthusiasm for the game.

Top players are at risk of a worse-insurance
in Addition to the player's right to privacy and the tactical reasons, there is a further factor is that, according to Kvällsposten, experience plays a major role in Malmö's decision.

There are economic and relate to the players ' insurance plans.

the Companies that insure the teams for the players to follow closely all reports regarding the players and may as well increase the cost as a whole for the exclusion of certain damages resulting from, a player's insurance, if he has previously been affected by such loss or damage.

also, Daniel Andersson acknowledges.

" There have been changes in the lines of insurance in which the damage can be excluded depending on the previous history. There has been a lot snårigare for the players, " says Daniel Andersson.
Had a Vagic, led by the plan of the Town. He made a comeback after one of the CLUB an unspecified injury in an Under-21 game on Monday.Photo by: < / b>, MAGNUS LEJHALL / BILDBYRÅN

his job is to get an accurate picture of each of the players, the companies assure the use of the medieuppgifter.

" They're sure, and you're looking at the media, they're awesome at finding things.

the Change, effective from the day of the
Of the clubs and the players, there are a number of problems with it.

"It's not always all that is reported is in line with reality", says Daniel Andersson.

However, there are also other parameters which can be bursting at the seams.

" They came in, for example, a statement that mr Andersson should have had a damage during the course of his time in Trelleborg, sweden, in the last year, which would adversely affect the purpose of the assessment. It's just that it's played in a two-Hugo Andersson, of the TFF, then, and this is the damage suffered by the other person, " says Daniel Andersson.

specifically, going to Malmö FF in the day just mean, if a player has been hit by a underkroppsskada or if he or she is ill.

" you journalists are the questions of how long a player is capable to be gone, we will not be going out at a time. Since we are not going to take it ad absurdum. There needs to be a little bit of common sense. It is clear that a player can, for example, missing a whole season and so deserves the fans to know that he will be gone for a while, " says Daniel Andersson.
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Updated Date: 10 March 2020, 21:00

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