The doctor, Anna, was the eleventh child in 50

in Just a few hours after that, Clear Hammarström left out of the changes performed, among other songs, in Gothenburg, sweden, released the first season of the

The doctor, Anna, was the eleventh child in 50

in Just a few hours after that, Clear Hammarström left out of the changes performed, among other songs, in Gothenburg, sweden, released the first season of the reality series ”the Family, Hammarström,” on national television and Play the series on the success of the jättefamiljen in the south of sweden.

Here are the kids at the center of the city.

my Mother, Anna Hammarström, 53, a doctor and an entrepreneur, has deliberately kept a little bit in the background, and has over the years declined to the more popular ones.

at the same time, she is elvabarnsmamma of the last 50 years, as a role model for many older women who would like to have a baby.

"I don't look at me as a role model for someone else, but if anyone is able to use me as an example for yourself, and be strong to do what she really want, it seems to me so clear," she says.
”People will have to decide on the right
She tells me that she is both a doctor and a patient met with an extremely poor attitude on the part of some in the health care system when, after a 40-decide to try to have a child.

" People should be allowed to decide for themselves when and where they want to be parents. There is a problem with the system, I think, in american health, where it is felt that there is a myndighetsfråga, who shall have the right to have assistance to have a baby.

" When it comes to the right to get an abortion and so are most of us agreed that it's the woman's choice and she has the right to have the assistance of the health care system. When it comes to the right to decide whether to have a child after 40 on the other hand, when the view of the same woman, it's almost always women who say what other women should do, and how to create rules and laws that make it impossible.
Anna Hammarström, together with It, Annabel and Ready for use. Photo by: < / b> MR CHRISTIAN . do not Dare to try, after 40
She says that she has met a great many women, who are five, and ten years his junior, and who say that they want to have a child. But most of them will let it stay there, and they do not dare to try.

" I think the fear of what the surrounding area will find many people, especially women, in the back.

" When we had the triplets, so there were often strangers - and all of the women came to the front of the town, and he said, ”isn't it hard?” Because I have my children to volunteer and never thought of it in terms of hassle, it was incredibly annoying, but I'm a kind of person who does not want to hurt anyone.

" When we got the twins in the comments section, on the contrary end of the year. No one has said anything since then.

On the standing issue, however, is whether he is ”happy”.

" For me, it's a weird question. Of course I'm happy, that I was before I had kids, but every time we have a child, it's been great, and being happy doesn't mean to me that you don't want to have any more, or you'll end up.
a Unique experience each and every time
having children is a unique experience each and every time and each and every child is unique. It would be a very different experience to have a child on the basis that they are older or younger, not that she noticed.

" on the other hand, it is important that when you choose to get the many children to be able to plan your life so that it works properly. Because we have operated our own businesses, so I've decided to take it with me and my baby on the job, at least for the first year. I have been nursing in various meetings and negotiations over the years. Also in these meetings that I lead.

< Family Hammarström, cardiologist, and internist. Photo by: < / b> MR CHRISTIAN Family, along with the beautiful Annabel.Photo by: < / b> MR CHRISTIAN is a Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode < / span>

" it is always in the hands of the things, and there are many projects on the go. The older the children are, we are also a business, which is very exciting. All of hästföretaget, and Klara's own music, to the oldest of the children, who have a limited liability company in which the Family and I are involved.

" It's fun to be with and to teach our children what you've learned as managers over the years, so maybe they don't need to make all the mistakes ourselves. And then, of course, is wonderful with the younger children, seeing things through their eyes. How much fun would that be where the plot is going, if it were just the adults?


Date Of Update: 23 February 2020, 08:00

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