The economist on the stock exchange: at the time, you should sell immediately

the Stock market has been shaken up properly, it has this week, following the news that the Coronasmittan gained a foothold in the industry and to the tourist r

The economist on the stock exchange: at the time, you should sell immediately

the Stock market has been shaken up properly, it has this week, following the news that the Coronasmittan gained a foothold in the industry and to the tourist regions in the north of Italy.

After the fall on Monday and Tuesday, and the rates went to jojo's on Wednesday, and the stock market closed in the positive half of one per cent.
the Stock market turn down again
today, However, is turning down again, and after a few minutes of trading, it had a broad OMXS index has fallen by more than two per cent. The stock exchanges in Frankfurt and London fell roughly by the same amount in morgonhandeln.

It is clear that the Coronafrossan connected to the grip of the financial markets. And it's not over yet, according to economists.

The red numbers on the stock market may continue for a period of time until the news about the spread of infection subside, until we know the extent of the damage the interference is caused for the growth and for the company. As a saver, you have to be prepared for it, " said Leigh Bratt at the internet bank Nordnet.

" Secure the savings by having the right money in the right place. Never in the short-term money in the stock market - selling direct, if you have a buffertpengar in the stock market, for example. Do you get a pain in my stomach, to see how the stock markets are falling, you may still have too large of a risk, and the proportion of shares in savings in the medium-term, three-to-five years of age. To adjust the equity part, and make sure that you have several kinds of assets in the portfolio, in the medium term.

Scrooge's Bornold, an analyst at Söderberg&Partners, describes the situation in which the stock market is trying to put a price on the risks posed by the Coronavirus, which is not all that easy. Hence, the volatility of the stock price that we have seen during the past week.

" You could compare it with the december 2018 at the latest, when the stock market dropped between 20 and 25%. It's a little bit of the same feeling right now, it is none of you who are really interested in buying the shares. In this sense, and in ignorance of the causes for concern, and we can expect that it will continue for a long time, " explains Bornold. Able to keep a cool head
If you are saving in the stock market, and do not plan to touch the money until five or ten years, there is no reason to sleep at night, think sparekonomen. If you continue to save regularly, so if you buy the shares cheaper now.

" it's a long-term savings, do I still have to keep a cool head and continue to månadsspara in order to take advantage of the fall, finishing Bratt.
the Best advice-to leave the small investor when the stock market is shaking the < / span>

this will Save you in the long term I don't think you're going to try to go in and out of the market. Invest in månadsspara, so that you automatically buy-in at different times of the day. So if you buy at times when the stock market soared and the stock market has fallen. Once it has fallen, you'll get more shares of the fund, or shares of your månadsinsättning.

therefore, make sure that it is in the long-term savings you will have on the stock market. You don't need to try to time the market.

It is associated with the long-term nature once again. Will save you in the long run you will have enough of the downs, and hopefully it grows still, your money in the long run. And, again, will save you in the long term, you may see falling stock markets like the köplägen.

3. Do not have short-term savings in the stock market.

Buffertsparande, saving for the trip, or whatever it may be to hear, absolutely do not belong in the stock market. Coronavirus shows why it can always turn up to events that are difficult to predict and that could cause a fall in share prices. The stock market is a risky one.

There are a variety of products to ensure that you are protecting against a fall. An example is a hedge fund. Of the hedge funds are a diverse collection of a variety of strategies, often at a high cost. The periods of decline, for example, in the autumn of the year 2018, they delivered is not in accordance with its fundamental mission; it is a return, regardless of market conditions. I think it is better to opt for a more transparent and simple products with low fees. (See below).

It is, above all, of the savings in the medium term, you may need to adjust your risk if you know that the percentage of equities was too high at the moment. Money market funds give nothing at all, but it is a transparent, low-fee, and it can serve as a parking area, in the saving in the medium to long term. Corporate bond funds, or funds that combine government and corporate bonds, it can also be a good idea.

another way is to create a built-in airbag, is to invest in high-yield companies where the dividend is partially able to compensate for any fall in share prices. Banks, telecoms, and real estate is a classic högutdelare, even though I would be careful with the latter, which has been extremely helpful. There are also funds that contain högutdelare, for example, the Xact high-yield.

For the first saver is available, the savings instruments which are not correlated to the stock market, and that, therefore, it can be a part of the portfolio. For example, there is an exchange-traded product with all the OMXS30 index as underlying and will rise when the stock market falls, the so-called bear-related products. They are available with a different lever, but this is the time to really understand the product and the risk involved. In addition, you need to have a clear picture of what you think of the stock market in the future, or else you will end up at an angle.

Guldprodukter may also be of interest at this point. I think the best way would be to expose themselves to gold, which is, therefore, often do not correlate with the stock market, and exchange-traded products, certificates. This will give you a direct exposure to the gold price, and have no operational risks, which are in a pure gold company, or, in the guldfonder (which was also expensive). However, keep in mind that gold is a safe haven, even if it is sometimes termed. Quite simply, it is an asset which, as always means a huge risk, but it does not correlate with the stock market, and that is what you are looking for. Keep in mind that the certificate will cost, in the form of commissions, so keep an eye on the cost.

Source: Leigh Bratt, Nairobi.

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Date Of Update: 27 February 2020, 10:00

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