The expert will be Setbacks for the climate, for coronakrisen

the air Pollution has been reduced in line with that of the disease, covid-19 is spread all over the world. The industries have come to a standstill, and only C

The expert will be Setbacks for the climate, for coronakrisen

the air Pollution has been reduced in line with that of the disease, covid-19 is spread all over the world. The industries have come to a standstill, and only China's carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 25%. Also, the airline industry has been severely affected, resulting in a win for the environment. The number of global flights, but declined for the first time, with only 4.3 per cent in February, a remarkable decline after years of the opposite trend. Michael Robertson is the co-owner of the website Flightradar24, which is the statistics of the hotel. He told the Express newspaper that the reduction of the air travel likely to be even higher in reality.

" It's a reversal of the trend. We have measured the number of flights, but I would imagine that the number of passengers has decreased even more. I have come to understand that many of the flights are empty.

However, the reduction in the fly looks like it will be on a temporary basis. And when travel picks up again after the coronakrisen is the climate change that is going to have to take a back seat, according to Adam Klauber with the u.s. the Rocky Mountain Institute, which focuses on the market of energy issues from a climate point of view. Klauber is the director of the research institute's team of in sustainable you. He told the New York Times wrote that the crisis ”is definitely going to influence the climate policies of the airlines”.

" Each and every fair the business is going to give priority to its existing debt and for payments to voluntary investment in the future of sustainability, the volume of the air.
Also, the price of oil could affect the climate of the

And in the risk of a backlash is beginning to be felt in more and more places. The company, Air France-KLM, has, according to the newspaper openly called on the european countries to be restrictive with the rules, which are intended to limit air travel, and reducing emissions.

"in view of the outbreak of the corona, we are asking the two governments to suspend the imposition of a new aviation taxes," said Benjamin Smith, the airline's president and ceo, the Airlines4Europe conference was held in Brussels on Tuesday.

the fall in oil prices is likely to affect the transition negatively affected, according to Richard Aboulafia, vice president of analysis at the flygkonsultföretaget Teal Group. He notes that, according to the New York Times, that the older the plane is likely to be repeated, rather than replaced with new, cleaner, and more efficient.

as the Trend is concerned, the environmental movement, whose representatives have now raised a voice in protest.

"this is a challenging time for the airline, but there is no reason to weaken the rules, or to allow the aviation industry to avoid the area of climate change," says Annie Petsonk, international adviser for the us ngo " Environmental Defense Fund.

Anna-Karin Nyström, the head of the Klimatmålsenheten of the environmental protection agency, the do think, however, that the reduction in flying due to the corona reducing our flying in the future, and in so doing influence the climate is a positive one.

" We'll definitely see a decrease in the proportion of air travel over the whole of the year, even if, for example, you can make up for a missed trip. However, it is possible that this will get people to start thinking about their travel. If you are setting up a trip to the Alps and, instead, choose to spend their holidays in the mountains of northern sweden, it might be an eye-opener for some, she said to Expressen.

Here, in estonia, but the party that we are going to introduce support for affected businesses, like the airline industry. In a tweet to enter the party, they want to get rid of flygskatten, at least temporarily, in the year 2020.


Skräcksjukdomar is spreading in Europe because of the climate (the PREMIUM).

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Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 07:00

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