The experts: how should you do with your shares

the Effect of the coronavirus turn into the full force of the stock markets around the world. Shares in the manufacturing industry is being hit hard, and are al

The experts: how should you do with your shares

the Effect of the coronavirus turn into the full force of the stock markets around the world. Shares in the manufacturing industry is being hit hard, and are also the producers of luxury goods fell across a broad front in this country. Since a large number of cases infected with coronavirus were detected outside of China, most notably in Italy.

at the same time notify the China's people's congress, the annual meeting is set up. This is due to the virusutbrottet. The meeting was to be held in march. People tend to assume the growth targets set for the country.

Just before lunch, the Stockholm stock exchange has gone down almost 4 per cent.

How does Corronaeffekterna savers?

When is it time to sell?

the Express newspaper has asked three experts to give their views on the situation and what to share, and the savers in mutual funds, look for the ”Cororna–time, and the way in which they operate.

This may be the position of a portion to sell their shares, " says Leigh Bratt, sparekonom in Nairobi.Photo by: < / b> NAIROBI

to which the shareholders have to keep in mind that the stock market has continued up, and reached new heights, with a full strength, in spite of the risks associated with a coronavirus. When there is a drop now that it is clear that the effect of this appears to have been, the market has simply taken it to them with a shrug of the shoulders. Now, we know that the spread of infection is continuing and that the production and försäljningsstörningar are going to turn to our Swedish exportbolag with a large exposure to China. There is also the Alfa Laval group, SSAB, SKF, Autoliv, and others – that are raging most of the day.

The important thing now is to ask yourself what kind of money do you have on the stock market, and make sure to do a proper breakdown of the savings, depending on where you are going to have to have the money. Coronaoron will lead to failure and, probably, we may see profit warnings from exportbolagen a little further up the road. However, in the long run, the looks of the underlying factors affecting the stock market still doing well. The interest rates will remain low, which is what has been burning on the stock market at these levels, there are some positive signs in the economy, quite apart from the coronaeffekterna. You will save in the long run, my advice would be that does not sell in a panic. . Look, instead, to continue the work of månadsspara, as usual, if you do this, it would mean that you can now buy at a slightly lower level. And make sure you have a good distribution among the various sectors, markets and assets.

When you sell your shares,
But it will save you in the short-term, 1-2 years old, then you should sell it. However, it is because the money is never going to be in the stock market. Fcov is a very good example of why it is dangerous to save in the stock market, and it may appear the so-called ”black swans”. That is to say, the unexpected events that cannot be forecast. It is important at this point, then, is to divide your money into several ”pockets”. In the long term, you need to keep your head cool.

get ready for a turbult period, on the stock exchange, urging Scrooge Bornold, sparekonom at the Morgan & Parterns.

it is Likely to be the storm as many of the others are just a notch on the börskurvan. However, it is good to be prepared, it can become much more turbulent at the stock exchange, and a period of time in the future.

what does the saving look like? After a period of ten years, the rise in the stock market what is the breakdown between interest rates and stocks? It might be a good time to check it out now. I have a level that can withstand a storm in the stock market?

For many people, it may be time to sell the shares in order to get to the right level of risk it again.

It should be borne in mind that a lot will still see the good in both the Swedish and the global economy. The signs to look out for: short-term, as the depth will be Coronavirusets effect.

the profit warnings. Will the company have to write down their earnings estimates.
– You have to keep an eye on how fast the virus is spreading, " says Mary Landeborn, sparekonom at Danske Bank.Photo by: < / b> ALEXANDER DONKA / ALEXANDER DONKA/den DANSKE BANK

the Stock market has been surprisingly resilient against the virusoron, and I don't think it's weird that there will be a rebound. Also, if there is a large verkstadsbolagen on the Stockholmbörsen, which are the most affected by the Coronavirus, through production and sales, as the decline in the stock market-wide today. It all gets a bit out of the ladle, when the appetite for risk is a sudden drop.

You should keep an eye on how fast the virus is spreading. As long as there continues to be detected in a number of countries, factories are closed, and the cities and towns are located in the quarantine area, there is a risk of an increase in price.

the Stock market has risen strongly in recent months on expectations of a stronger economy. As the fear suddenly set its claws in the market, there is a risk that profit-taking is making the decline faster, and more dramatic, but I don't think you'll get carried away and push the säljknappen. After the rapid decline, it tends also to rise to go to the fort, and the chances are that you are selling when it feels like the darkest hour, and then miss out when the market picks up again.

this Is a long-term investors should think about the long-term. There is no need to make any changes in the net lending of the stock market are shaking, it makes it a little bit from time to time for a variety of reasons. In spite of the financial crisis, the dotcom bubble, and in the past a virus has been stocks historically have always provided a good return in the long run. There is no reason to believe that the Corona virus would be to change the subject.

this is The best vaccine against the price is a good spread of risk in lending. If you are saving in individual shares, it is a good thing to have companies that operate in different industries and in different markets. A fondportfölj to provide a global exposure to both the US and Europe, emerging markets and the uk. This will reduce the fluctuations in the saving.

the Stock market is not for short-term savings for the very reason that the volatility in the short term, it can be great. The money will be used in the next 1-2 years, will, therefore, not be in the stock market without a savings account.

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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 12:00

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