The goddess Fortuna choose to Vinicius

After a year of impotence against a great Valladolid, enters the brazilian and opens the bookmark of carambola Sergio Ramos succeeds from the penalty spot t

The goddess Fortuna choose to Vinicius

After a year of impotence against a great Valladolid, enters the brazilian and opens the bookmark of carambola

Sergio Ramos succeeds from the penalty spot to the n panenka the 2-0 final

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If Vinicius or not it will be what they expect who paid 40 million for him, he is soon to aventurarlo. However, you have something that needs a star, and that is that the goddess Fortuna we want. The way to change the direction of a shot to be defective in the minutes of appearing on the scene, in a critical moment of the Madrid, is sufficient proof. The Bernabeu wanted more Vinicius, after a year of impotence, and therefore requested, and even threw a penalty later. Sergio Ramos said he did not and, in front of the whistles that he heard, marked the lawn with the iron of the captaincy to the n panenka. The crisis needs of the two, after a party of fears against a great Valladolid from the apprentice Solari should take the positives: confidence. [Narration and statistics: 2-0]

Vinicius, instead, stayed on the bench and real Madrid that kicked off was the Madrid of Lopetegui, from most to least, with chances but no goal. The rest, it whistles. In the first great choice of Solari, since this is his debut in the League, Asensio was ahead of Isco. Fits in with what was the technician as a player, a dynamic type, agitation, lover of vertigo. It is possible that this will also bring him to the 4-3-3, the system of the rich, to the detriment of the 4-2-3-1 that he used in the branch and to put into practice in Melilla. He would come in the second half. Vertigo need the space and overflowing, and the Madrid did not initially, nor the first, nor the second, except for the insistence of the two sides of circumstances, Odriozola and Reguilón. The absences of Marcelo and Carvajal are not anything.

Sergio, coach of Valladolid, did not care too much. It is more, it suited him. Perhaps yours would too close to the goalkeeper, which allowed Benzema and Bale to finish off very close to the goal line during the first period, but the priority is that Madrid did not have meters to unfold and explode. The accumulation of men inside led, inevitably, to Madrid, towards the wings, with little inside game, no pass filtered by the center.


To do this it is more appropriate to the game of Isco, but Solari, at least at the beginning, he thought of another thing. It didn't work. Before the time, had to warm up to malaga and in that instant, the Madrid convulsed, with four times in just two minutes, by Casemiro, twice, Benzema and Bale. The brazilian was the one chosen to leave the field of play, not by demerits, simply because Solari wanted to accommodate Isco in the drawing that you feel most comfortable. Kroos and Modric formed in the double pivot and the malaga took a step forward, this time in a drawing closest to the 4-2-3-1. Involved another intention, but it involved, also, risks.

Alcaraz and Toni made it clear the second, with a throw-in to the crossbar and a shot franco, having won a position of advantage. All-in-minutes. Toni would make you feel the creak of the wood to a slipway stunned, before being replaced, something that only he could explain the tiredness. The sticks to which many claim has made the Madrid avoided a bloodbath.

by then it was already clear that Valladolid had not arrived at the Bernabéu ahead of the Madrid in the table by chance. Sergio has achieved what he intended to Solari, and is that your computer matches what was on the field, a midfielder solid, a soccer player balancing. Not you are missing on your computer types of their species, as Míchel or Alcaraz.

The entry of Vinicius, the last, caused the tingling in the respectable. After an act that could be framed in the tardolopeteguismo, the feeling is that they could pass things. Passed, because Vinicius decided to go hunting in the area. Chute wrong, but Kiko Olivas got the ball on their network. Benzema, object, penalty, allowed the tranquility to a Solari dress of Zidane and the relief to the captain, but the Bernabeu has already chosen. The goddess Fortuna, also.

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Date Of Update: 05 November 2018, 20:02

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