The gold rush, when the stock market is shaking off Coronaoro

It began in earnest the Monday after the news of the Coronautbrott in the north of Italy. Stock exchanges the world over are shaking in Stockholm, sweden) fell

The gold rush, when the stock market is shaking off Coronaoro

It began in earnest the Monday after the news of the Coronautbrott in the north of Italy. Stock exchanges the world over are shaking in Stockholm, sweden) fell to four per cent.

the Decline continued on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning the low the stockholm stock exchange down more than 1.9 per cent, at 11 o'clock. One of the biggest losers are the SAS, who fell to ten per cent in the opening trade.

Build an in-savings -
In a week shows the stock market a little, at 8.5 per cent, respectively. This year's rise is thus erased.

small investors are encouraged to sit still in the boat, and think of the long-term. It might make it easier to fall asleep at night.

A useful hint from a sparekonomerna is to try to build up an air bag in their life. In relation to the risk of lending by reducing their shareholding, and the increase of the various money market funds.

the More air you can create by investing some of the savings, which is not correlated to the stock market.

Gold is one such product, many people turn out to be. The price of gold has risen about five percent since the beginning of the year and almost 20 per cent in the last year.

" it is one of the very few assets that are often the rise in this kind of position. This is because of the gold, therefore, is not one, ”going in the same direction as the stock market. Therefore, the purchase of gold as a way to protect their money in the stock market unrest, according sparekonomen Leigh Bratt in Nairobi.

You are able to invest in gold in a number of ways, such as via exchange-traded products, certificates. The advantage is that you will get a direct exposure to the gold price, and don't have to take the operational risk, which are in a pure gold company, or, in the guldfonder.

of Course, you can also buy the physical gold in bulk, and lock in the safe. The price for a gram of 24-karatigt the gold medal, was on Wednesday at about 514 dollars. It is, however, a rather heavy-handed way to invest their money in.

" I do think that gold is best suited as a short-term investment, with a parking area over a given period of time by the concern. And keep in mind that it's supposed to be a supplement to your mutual funds or stocks, says Leigh Bratt.
”the Trick is to do the right thing from the beginning:”

this is An old, and sometimes challenged, the rule-of-thumb is that a väldiversifierad the portfolio should contain 10% in gold.

Ekonomibloggaren, and lecturer, Jan Bolmeson, who also runs the pod a Rich, Along with his wife, Caroline, says that gold can be a good investment when the stock market is shaking.

" I've had a lot of criticism for that, and I have been talking about having gold as a small percentage of gold in their portfolio. Despite the fact that it is a classic recommendation, while Handelsbanken's was, for many years, " says Bolmeson and move on.

" But look at what happened in ukraine; the Swedish stock market was down four per cent. When we look at our portfolios, so we went of the gold, up 2.9 per cent of the world indexfonderna backed away, only about two per cent. The trick is to try to do the right thing from the very beginning, and take the height of the swings in the market. They have always been, and always will be, sooner or later.

SO, IT is possible to INVEST IN GOLD, < / span>

it's Hard to put in the money at the time of need, and in addition provide for those who would like to buy a lot.

There are a number of gold company on the stock exchange. However, there is a lot to take into consideration that the investors, and the risks and challenges facing the company. This requires extensive analysis, and the gold company is a difficult-to-analyze. The company is, after all, can go bad if it is not handled in the right way at the company, or if you just don't find the gold. It does not matter if the price of gold will rise. On the stock exchange, moreover, there is a risk that the guldbolagen is in a general decline.

There are plenty of guldfonder, including mutual funds, which, in turn, invest in publicly-traded gold company. The risk is spread, because it's all about the company, which is a good thing, but bolagsriskerna and börsriskerna still exist. Moreover, guldfonder is expensive, with a high level of management.

This is the so-called exchange-traded funds, just like regular mutual funds can invest in commodities such as. However, they are listed just like a stock. Here, you can get exposure to the entire commodity indices including the metals. The problem is, in a börsläge such as the one we have now is that the more economically sensitive commodities, oil for example, the fall of the coronaoron. You are, of course, want to have themselves guldexponeringen, and to take advantage of the price movement.

this is A instrument that follows the spot price of gold, the ups and downs. The certificate, as it is called, it takes not gold, as to a fund, owning the gold company, but with the price movements. However, there is also a similar instrument, which actually owns the physical gold. I think this is the best way to get exposure to gold is in the balance. You won't have company and börsrisker. However, this does not mean that there is no risk. The price of gold may quickly fall or rise in value. Please read properly, what kind of investment is to make sure you understand it, it is not for the beginner. Also, keep an eye on the commission, the fee is linked to the issue of the certificate.

Source: Leigh Bratt, Nairobi.

More "the air bags in your savings,
, That is, above all, of the savings in the medium term, you may need to adjust your risk if you know that the percentage of equities was too high at the moment. money market funds give nothing at all, but it is a transparent, low-fee, and it can serve as a parking area, in the saving in the medium to long term. corporate bond funds, or funds that combine government and corporate bonds, it can also be a good idea.

, another way is to create a built-in airbag, is to invest in high-yield companies where the dividend is partially able to compensate for any fall in share prices.

(Banks, telecoms, and real estate is a classic högutdelare, even if you need to be careful with the latter, which has been extremely helpful. There are also funds that contain högutdelare, for example, the Xact high-yield.

, There is also an exchange-traded product with all the OMXS30 index as underlying and will rise when the stock market falls, the so-called bear-related products. They are available with a different lever, but this is the time to really understand the product and the risk involved.

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Date Of Update: 26 February 2020, 11:00

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