The goodbye of Pelayo Novo after his accident: "I was Not aware of what happened to me"

The former footballer suffered a fall on the 31 of march from the tecera floor of a hotel in Huesca The injuries suffered by falling from the third floor of t

The goodbye of Pelayo Novo after his accident:

The former footballer suffered a fall on the 31 of march from the tecera floor of a hotel in Huesca

The injuries suffered by falling from the third floor of the hotel ABBA Huesca, the past 31 of march, prevent Pelayo Novo, a former player of Albacete, continue playing professional football, you are going "with the softer side of this sport, the union between partners".

"Honestly, in Zaragoza, the Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa) was little aware of what was going on with me. You don't have a lot of information and sometimes you don't want to know. And I sometimes so starry-eyed and with ignorance even said, 'well, if I retrieved the leg like can I play again'", reviewed.

"But then, especially when I came here to Toledo (the National Hospital of Paraplegics), I entered a phase in which I said, 'damn, here the recovery'. Because Zaragoza did not rehabilitation, was more good to be in bed and receive visitors. But here there is a rehabilitation behind that you have to follow, yourself to and there was where I realized and I understood that football for me was finishing." "It is difficult to assimilate, but there is life after this. And I have to assess it from now on and that is what I focus on," he explained in an interview with EFE.

this Was the first time that Pelayo Novo, who has played in the Oviedo, in the Elche, Cordoba, Lugo and Albacete, already realized that the football had finished for him: "The first moments of thinking about it are difficult. I came to the head of the nostalgia, because what happens within the field of play, within the rectangle, there is suffering, because sometimes suffering, but also laughs and exceeds one. And that makes you feel strong. In short, all that to me what that encompasses is that you enjoy".

"Yes, it's true, it was nostalgia, but I'm keeping that I have lived there very happy. I've enjoyed, I've lived promotion, I have lived also complicated things, but I'm sticking with beautiful. I'm going with the softer side of this sport, which is the union between partners, which in the end is the essence of football. You should put aside personal interests. What matters is the team. This is the essence and what is to be transmitted from the positive part and the most beautiful sport that is football," added Pelayo Novo.

Innumerable visits

In Zaragoza, where he remained hospitalized for 51 days, from 31 march to 21 may, received a "number of visits". "And that's when I realized that yes I left the football and let the football, but I'll stop seeing its bright side, because many classmates who barely knew me, I went to visit there at the hospital," he recalled.

"And that is what I have valued very much. Then also not only have been fellow. Have been representations of clubs in which I played, that I have a fondness tremendous, and even at that I have not played. Even, the representations of the Federation (Spanish Football), Goldilocks came in person, the AFE (Association of Spanish Footballers), with David Aganzo, or the Professional Football League also. I'm going with the brotherhood among the companions of this sport," said Pelayo Novo.

Among these visits were their peers in the Albacete. "At first I was a little knocked out, I would say, and only came up to see me a few. I told them and they relayed that it was my second chance to live. Then, I think that they also valued it," he said of his latest team, which came in the summer of 2017.

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Date Of Update: 03 November 2018, 07:00