The guys were between 50 000 and I was given a sewing machine

When it comes to the Race, it took a long time before the organisers wake up and ended up seeing the women over his shoulder. the aim of the Mora, it says, wi

The guys were between 50 000 and I was given a sewing machine

When it comes to the Race, it took a long time before the organisers wake up and ended up seeing the women over his shoulder.

the aim of the Mora, it says, with the proud words: ”In the path of our fathers...”. For a start, no one had even conceived of the idea that women should take part in the race.

in 1923, the dove Mary Will up at the line of scrimmage. This gave the organisers a major headache. Nor was it improved by the fact that she has completed the course.

the Year after, women were forbidden to enter. It was not until 1981, before they allowed women to join. A few years ago, when the two men appeared in the tracks, burning to the men in false beards and a moustache.

in the end decided to Vasaloppets the organizers that they were not in tune with the times. Despite the fact that it was not until 1997, before the women's class, received an official status.

in 1997, won in Sofia Lind and his second family, now as the official winner.

Whatever she was then, at this time?

Well, the one at the sewing machine.

" what if it had been the other way round and you have a sewing machine. But then, I didn't think of how unfair it was that the male winner got 50,000 dollars, and I have a sewing machine. I was very pleased with my sewing machine. I had not been to this day. Things are moving in the right direction, " says o'leary.

in the end I thought the race direction that it was only right and proper that, while they would get a prize.

Finally, the fairness and equality of opportunity, in other words. Or is it?

" There were 25 000 dollars for damsegraren and 75, 000 to pay for the herrsegraren. , Sofia, o'leary won the Race five times:
as late as 2012 went on, both herrsegraren and damsegraren in the record time of the Race. Jörgen Brink was a Volkswagen, but it is not the Norwegian Vibeke Skofterud. After a period of agitation, as part of the promoter and the sponsor - Skofterud got in his car.

Sofia is believed to be the organisers in the past, before the women's class was authentic, it found that there was enough of that, the women went to Tjejvasan in the three-mile, and we had to go along with the men.

With five wins in the Race - 1996, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005 - as for the race industry, even if the first prize had not been made official. She also has four runner-up finishes.

Nils ”Mora-Nisse” Karlsson won the race nine times, and Janne Stefansson at seven.

Arthur Häggblad and Jan Ottoson, both have four wins.

Sofia Lind and are thus in a third-place finish in the Vasaloppets nearly 100-year history.

She says she got great help both before and during the race. The exception was the first time she has competed since she signed herself, was her own cross country ski and drink, just as the egyptian in the drickakontrollerna along the path.

" After that, I had the help of both the herd and the team. The amount of profit she mostly was in 1997, when she won the first woman in the national women's class.

Sofia, o'leary, belonged to a skiing family. As her brother, Björn, is a double OLYMPIC gold medalist in the sprint, and the sprintstafett.

At ten to eleven year old, Sophia, to train and compete at club, Roslags-However IF.

She believed that genes play a role, as both she and the Bear had great success at the slots.

" But then, you have to have the parents involved. There are a lot of contributing factors.

”I have had a wide idrottsbakgrund”

Sophia said that she is still not trained that much before she started in on the skidgymnasiet in Torsby, sweden. On the other hand, she has been involved with many different sports before she began to elitsatsa.

" I have had a wide idrottsbakgrund while he was growing up. There was orienteering, football, and athletics in particular löpgrenarna.

She wasn't particularly interested in team sports, but more so the individual in which she is able to control its own practice.

" Then you are not as dependent on others for self-motivation.

Sophia said that she has never had any direct targets, but most wanted to compete with myself to see how good she could be. She has always been in high demands of himself.

" But it's clear to me that I wanted to see how well I was able to put me in the Race, and, preferably, win it.

as Of today, there will be no race riding. However, there will be a lot of skiing, both downhill and in the long run.

She says that it is feels very good way to spend time together as a family, that is to say, with a spouse and a former national team rider, Morgan Goransson, and they have four children.

" I think that Lina Korsgren is the winner.

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