The junk in your attic could be worth several million

IN Swedish ”tv-show”, it is possible to see many examples of people who are shocked by the news that their old pinaler is actually really, really helpful. How

The junk in your attic could be worth several million

IN Swedish ”tv-show”, it is possible to see many examples of people who are shocked by the news that their old pinaler is actually really, really helpful.

However, there are certain items that are common in the vindsförråd to the basement, and which are actually worth more than you might think.

Knut Knutson, an expert in the ”tv-show”, and the director of the Uppsala auction house, says he's always looking at people's stuff, when he goes back home to make the scores.

" I have many times made the bargain. Italian glass, american art glass, and so on. I was never a customer site, but that the issue was in the cabinet with the vases there, " he said.
the Experts, from the ”tv-show” about the hidden treasures
When it comes to china, he cites in particular the chinese, in which there has been a shift and more recent artifacts from the late 1800-1900 century, has now become more expensive than those that are much older.

"If they are of high quality, they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even if they're from the turn of the century, in 1900 or later," says Knut Knutson.

the Reason for that is that chinese citizens in the last 10-15 years have started to travel to Europe in order to buy back their cultural heritage, and the elderly, a subject that is valued highly here is interested in them just as much. Instead, they want to have, for example, the more recent stuff, which in the past was being sold for cheap.

A chinese vase from the 1800's. Chinese porcelain dating back to the 1800s and the 1900s, can now be sold much more expensive than the older subjects (genrebild).Photo by: < / b>, the Heritage of Art/Heritage Images

" We found a glass vase, on a shelf, take it, and the customer is, in principle, unaware. And it is being sold for 2.3 million, " says Knut Knutson.

Eva Seeman specialist design, modern arts and crafts, at Bukowskis, and is an expert in the ”tv-show”. She cites in particular the so-called " sportstugemöblerna of the pine, which in recent times have become very popular and extremely expensive.

"It's still such a thing as a pop-up where you don't have any idea at all as to whether it is worth the money," she says.

< Furumöblerna have to come back to
the Furniture started to be produced in the 1930-40's, when the swedes began to make the flat as could be.

"Since they have fallen into disuse, to become obsolete and end up in the attics," says Eva Seeman.
Chair model Price, designed by Axel Einar Hjort.Photo credit: Bukowski is a coffee Table designed by Roland Wilhelmsson.Photo credit: Bukowski is a Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode in Knut Knutson remember, especially in a situation where a customer has bought a villa in which there were a few pieces of furniture in the basement of the building. By the time he arrived, he saw that they were from the series in Pursuit of Axel Einar Hjort.

"and When they were sold they went for about 100 000 sek per year, which meant that they had to house 100,000 more affordable, just that the previous owner took it with him," says Knut Knutson.

great-Grandfather's trunk, can be worth a lot.

and Malin Sveholm, is also an expert in the ”tv-show”, and a specialist in vintage fashion, at Bukowskis auction house. She said that if I can find grandfather's old trunk in the attic, then you have been lucky.

"If you can find an old trunk from Louis Vuitton, then it is worth a great deal," she said.

with A trunk from Louis Vuitton, and can now be sold very expensive.Photo by: < / b> Per Larsson / TT / Per Larsson
When it comes to clothing, it is the large and well-known fashion houses, like Christian Dior or Chanel, which one is going to look after it. But while the English classical skrädderierna that the NK ' s in French or Märthaskolan, can be worth the money, and, according to Malin Sveholm.

She believes that it is important that the clothes still come out to work, regardless of the amount.

" Even if the market value is as high as, perhaps, a grandchild may think that it is wonderful to have a grandmother's gown at their student party.

”tv-show” is broadcast on SVT at 20: 00 on Thursdays.

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Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 19:00

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