The minister of social services: Not that the other countries are closing the borders

in Sweden, it will probably be more and more cases of the new coronavirus, referred to as both Folkhälsomyndigheten, and third-party experts. "I'm not worri

The minister of social services: Not that the other countries are closing the borders

in Sweden, it will probably be more and more cases of the new coronavirus, referred to as both Folkhälsomyndigheten, and third-party experts.

"I'm not worried about the spread, I think we have a good idea," says Lena Hallengren (S).

on Monday, the government announced that Sweden will contribute sek 40 million to the WHO in order to stop the global spread. Some of the concrete decisions of the government in order to stop the infection in Sweden, there are at this moment in time, according to the minister of social affairs.
Minister: will you set priorities in health care
She refers to the fact that the government has already classified the disease covid-19 that is managed socially harmful, which will give physicians the mandate to, for example, cordon off areas, and to decide on the quarantine. The minister could not answer whether the government is going to put more money into the health service, in order to be able to treat them more and more.

" When it comes to emergency preparedness in the healthcare industry, there will never be a man for the sake of safety, have a lot of hospital beds that are empty of any human beings, with the covid-19. It has to do with the pace of progress, might have to set priorities according to need, and may give priority to other aspects.

" in An outbreak, it can be very different, and it depends on what you see as a tantrum. It is time to adjust the actions according to how many there are. In the first place, you should not go to a hospital, but make sure not to go out for the day, and to call 1177, and remained in contact with the health care system. After all, we know that it is very different in what symptoms they get, for many people, there will be no more than mild symptoms. , Stefan Löfven gathering crisis team
on Thursday, the government decided to raise the so-called " Krishanteringsrådet, this was told to me by Stefan Löfven, who is at the place of the province and travelling all around, for a pressuppbåd. The council is made up of a variety of agencies that can be called, among other things, the armed Forces, the Swedish civil contingencies Agency and the Swedish national Board of health. The idea is that the council is supposed to coordinate all of the agencies, told the Leaves in forward.

"They have a responsibility to co-ordinate and co-operate so that we actually handle this in a good way," he said to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

" Björn Olsen, professor of infectious diseases, believes that there is going to be a problem, if Sweden gets a lot of cases.

the Materials will be the end of it, it will be difficult to arrange for more beds, a lot of the usual activities that we do in the hospitals will also be subject to interference.

Åkesson: ”don't Want to be a part of a spridningskedja”

the Gp has been applied for all of the party leaders for their views on Sweden's preparedness for a major outbreak of the corona. Only a few have come back.

”the Situation may very well be difficult in many cases to occur at the same time”, said the sweden democrats ' party leader Jimmie Åkesson in an e-mail. He also said that the party is positive about the experience at the airport.

”I've begun to be more worried about the last week. I would refrain from going to places where the infection has taken hold. Mainly because yourself do not become a part of a spridningskedja,” writes Akesson on.

the Green one spokesperson Per Bolund (MP) are of the opinion that he is not a fit and proper person, as a politician, to assess how well prepared the in Sweden is, however, that the government should be prepared to discuss the operations, such as screening in airports, if the ”worse”.

The deputy party leader Anders W Jonsson, who believes that it is necessary to rely on the competent authorities and the profession, ”which suggest that the situation is under control.”

< Hallengren, ”May be the modes of the other measures,”

the minister for social protection, ms Lena Hallengren (S) has said that it could be taken different types of measures in order to stop the spread of the airport, but it is not possible to speculate as to what it could be.

Sweden has very close relations with the EUROPEAN union member countries, the world health organization, and the rest of the countries in the Nordic region, in order to make sure that we are working on it. Then, I'm not saying that it is not able to come to a place where we have to take other measures, but that's not where we are now.

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Date Of Update: 27 February 2020, 19:00

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