The new Barcelona, as the old Real Madrid

The 4-3-3 of Valverde this season, limited to a team looking for answers in the chaos and the heroic The whole barca have already snapped this course more g

The new Barcelona, as the old Real Madrid

The 4-3-3 of Valverde this season, limited to a team looking for answers in the chaos and the heroic

The whole barca have already snapped this course more goals in the Camp Nou (12) that in the whole of the last campaign (11) in your stadium

do you Order or chaos? Do you accompany the ball or go in your search? Tito Vilanova, when asked for the formula of the secret, he always said the same thing: "We attacked with the ball." The pressure should be simply a means to take back the control, not the end. Above all, because that is perhaps the best player ever, Lionel Messi, plays in your computer. And manages the efforts of its way. No one will be able to ask it never to have the foot of an angel and the nerve of Gattuso. Being a genius is not home with exercise of dog of prey. Peer pressure at the exit of the rival, as efficient as the argentine was injured (four wins and a draw during his time in the infirmary), decisive in the win of the classic, sublime in a scenario as demanding as the Giuseppe Meazza of Milan, may not serve as the lone argument of the proposal of Ernesto Valverde. Messi requires another plan. At the risk of a cruyffista radical as Quique Setién undress your shame in the former home of the possession and the position.

The fall in the Camp Nou against Betis, beyond that it was the first of the betis against barca in the last 20 years, beyond that Setién made apology of a style already apolillado at the Camp Nou, revealed an evil that seemed to have been solved following the emergence of Arthur at Wembley. Barcelona, once lost the superiority in the wide area, and after being tossed about in a bad way in the first act in which the betis multiplied their liers in wait on the unguarded rail right-handed Sergi Roberto, was to find arguments for the comeback in the old ideology of the Real Madrid -the eighties, not the Modric, Kroos and Isco who has ruled Europe in the last five years-. Where there is game, you must reach the heart. The soul. The punch and the fury. Win from the knockdown. A trip countercultural squeezed in your day for the Barça of Luis Enrique and his trident, and where still the Catalan club tries to find answers.

If in your day-to-Gerardo Martino is ugly, that preaching -"we do not want Messi to participate much"-, Valverde, after the defeat at Betis, he was sincere when he tried to explain the alleyways employees to look for the comeback. And almost all of them converged on the football tremendista of Arturo Vidal, substitute of the brazilian Arthur at the beginning of the second act. "As it was the party, we had to be shaking it and pouring a bit of sugar cane. We lacked a bit of intensity". Cane and intensity of the new creed barcelona.

The Barcelona, in the first year of Valverde, it is meant as a team that rarely lost his head. Could be balanced from the double pivot, on rare occasions, pulling the 4-3-3 in games of risk-a scheme that has become the norm this season-and took advantage of a day laborer with a wooden leg as Paulinho. The debacle of Rome, despite the gravity, he was also a fainting episode in a season of doublet and of records that, beyond the questionable attractiveness of the proposal, indicating consistency.

Barcelona is, with 34 goals scored, the leading scorer of the league championship. However, fits as it never passed ten consecutive days receiving at least a goal. In fact, don't leave your goal immaculate from the 25th of August, when on the second day of the tournament, barely defeated in Zorrilla (0-1). Up to 18 goals have received the team of Valverde in his first 12 League games, with an average of 1.5 many per encounter. The average last year was 0.76. Only the Eibar (18), Levante (19), Athletic (19), the Celtic (20) and the last two classified, Lightning, (25) and Huesca (25), are equal to or worse in that sense.

Not only that. Barcelona have conceded already 12 goals in the Camp Nou in just seven games. That is to say, against both more at home than in the whole of the last campaign (11) in the 19 matches played before their fans.

however, and despite the absence for a month and a half Samuel Umtiti in the axis defensive -Lenglet has offered an excellent performance and Pique has improved its performance-, the hardships do not usually birth in the rear. The mismatches are not individual, but collective.

"sometimes we're not all the pressure," admitted the own Pique, a serious problem when they hang down three men on the tip and the midfielders are at a disadvantage.

Although this, in reality, there are only going to paddle, but of play. It's not going to stick a rod, but head.

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Date Of Update: 14 November 2018, 08:00