The proposal is for the get relegated

with the Loss, 2-1, at home last week was followed up with a new one, 3-0, in Malmö, sweden, on Thursday night. the CLUB was unable to measure up to the Germa

The proposal is for the get relegated

with the Loss, 2-1, at home last week was followed up with a new one, 3-0, in Malmö, sweden, on Thursday night.

the CLUB was unable to measure up to the German ligasjuan.

" this shows the difference in the Team in tip-top shape, and the premiere league in the preseason. We may think that we have to play nice, and have more of the ball than a Year, but we still have a ways to go, up to this point, everything else would have been unnatural. If you think that the Second is just a little bit of that league, then you should think again. There is a big difference. We were hoping for more, but realistically, you can't count on it, " said Anders Christiansen.

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, According to Malmö FF and Danish at the time, it is not realistic to Malmö or any other Swedish team, come up to the level of the District is at the present time. One of the reasons is that the English league has been a far too long winter break, as compared with those of most of Europe.

" It's hard to work at this level. When you are playing in the top division, so we play from april to november, then it's hard to get up in the Europa League-wide level. That league is getting better and better and better and it helps the team be better off in Europe as well. It's a good thing, but it's hard to peaka, in February, where they played three practice matches and it was only four months ago, it was an important match, " says Wilson.

" That would at least give a better chance to go further. They are better in the top but the structure is far from optimal, and when the season ends in november and begins in april. You might want to consider if you are going to do it any other way.

" I do not see a down side. I don't know what it would be like.

" We've at all times been a top team in Europe, so it hasn't really been a problem. However, times are changing, and the need to adapt to the new times. In the super League (Danish league), there was a time, when it started in april, the start of the quarter.

" Whew, that is a long way to Sundsvall, sweden, but they are also, of course, in the premier league.

" well, They are well on their way down there." No, but I can see clearly the problem with the law in the north, and that it is not so wonderful or romantic about playing a game when it is 20 degrees below zero. But the nature of all law is to the north of Gothenburg, sweden, has been the artificial as it is, of course, not that the plan is ready to be used.

< Tomassons ideas must be given a period of time,

Anders Christiansen, denmark, and Malmö FF are in the Europa League is over for the time being. On the Sunday, waiting for a new match in the tournament to Athens, and then roll the season forward.

" We have to take the positives from the two matches against Wolfsburg, and we may have to look at what we can do better. We need to see our weaknesses and our strengths. We must bear in mind that there is a new coach and a new mode of play, we have to be humble in this situation. We have a long season ahead of us, and to get the most out of it.

According to Christiansen, it needs to be given time. Jon Dahl Tomasson is the new coach and would like to implement a lot of changes in the game.

" You've probably seen the (Manchester) City, who have so much money, and is one of the world's best coaches. It took a season for them to peaka. We want to win the cup, we want to win in the top flight, we want to qualify for Europe with a new coach and a new mode of play. We need to be respectful of the process.

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Date Of Update: 29 February 2020, 05:00

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