The song is All I need to get to would like the roof to lift the

as many times as I have gone past this stage of the tram line, and hardly dared to dream of, to be able to stand on this stage one day, " she says, before ”You

The song is All I need to get to would like the roof to lift the

as many times as I have gone past this stage of the tram line, and hardly dared to dream of, to be able to stand on this stage one day, " she says, before ”You”. That can never really be made up by anyone. Maybe The City Of Stockholm.

and Miriam Bryant, has a voice that is rarely to be seen in the English indiepopgenre that you still have to tell them that she is now moving in. It will be interesting to hear someone sing the word ”Blåmärkshårt”, and at the same time, to have such a wide range.

It's a dynamic performance, which shoots up and then picked down to nothing more than an organ, and singing. Arenakänslan is a venue worthy of. Horns, piano, and drums, are reminiscent of håkan's ”This is how I would say it is”, and that is certainly where Spain He would fall.
the Concert

- Scandinavium, Gothenburg, sweden.

Blåmärkshårt, in collaboration with the Victor Leksell.

”Push, play”, a sort of EDM remix of not playing.

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even so, it is a secluded and private artist, who has come to the Scandinavium arena on Friday. To sit on his knees next to the scenkanten and spills out his heart about the love that is never really like work. The interpretation of Martha wainwright's ”Bloody fucking hezbollah fringe group masturbation” learning of her ex. ”Blåmärkshårt” opens, she is to explain the meaning of " there is a person she doesn't want to let go of, even though she did not know why.

"You can feel the back of miriam's heartbreak songs," said a girl in sex in at the Scandinavium arena. And so it is.

most of the lifts the ceiling for the ”All I need”. Then, the position of the seated crowd up and dancing. The audience takes over the vocals, He is able to lean back.

Snedsteget will påfundet to make a klubbremix to ”Push play.” It is unworthy of the song, even though I get the idea. The rebirth can be heard in the other songs, but ”One last time” and ”Down up” it is made more stylish with the original intro.

”Mi amor”, which is the latest release is called, it is the first project to Miriam, He does to. It is in the songs that she shines the brightest. Which dare to take out, try new things, and that's where she gets the most sympathy from the audience.

the Concert, song for song,

Dynamic, is praised to the skies the only way, and then to decline. Strengthened by the backing vocals, and goes into a nice interlude with the drums and the piano.

Going seamlessly from English to chinese, it will crowd close to the ”You shouldn't be here, with me, I'm just going to disassemble you.”

raise the Roof for the first time. The piano does it all, as miriam's voice, and the 'allsången' from the crowd, not before.

with A break in between two of the bangers, and a groove that never quite flies.

< A style nicely was in English, and English is mixed together with the instrumental, followed by a full crescendo.

" let's get which is usually sung by Markus Krunegård done a solo before the guitarist, David, Larsson will take over. The word ”mythomaniac” is replaced with ”psycho”, and surfaces.

Here you go, the older the audience, the time, and they are going to do it. The people standing up, people go crazy, and I can see why. A strong interpretation would be made by Bryant himself, as he does it.

the vote will be, surprisingly, quite well, in a... country tune.

Countrytemat to continue it.

the Trouble is after the first chorus. Do Victor and the Leksell enter into a supervacker piece. The girls at the well!

a number of the fully-signed Victor Leksell. Disassembled, with the guitar and the baskagge, which is a home from home.

in A club-beat of the society, the song that would become her breakthrough album. Maybe I'm too sentimental, maybe it's just not good.

this is A much-needed end, after the previous one, with the song, but that doesn't really shine through.

the stripped-down version of rösteffekt, and the organ with a magnificent explosion.

this is A sick synth line. Arenakänslan are here to stay, it's in Gothenburg, the Down/Up should be sung, with the konfettiregn in place for wet things.

Beautiful tryckarballad that the presence of mobilernas flashlights. And the melancholy. A performance by guitarist, David Larsson, for the finale.

... leading to the grand finale. For more confetti. More of a feeling. More Of Miriam Bryant.

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Date Of Update: 06 March 2020, 23:00

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