The stop all travel into the united states from Europe in 30 days

the President, Donald Trump said in a speech broadcast on tv last night that he was going to stop all travel from Europe to the united states for the next 30 da

The stop all travel into the united states from Europe in 30 days

the President, Donald Trump said in a speech broadcast on tv last night that he was going to stop all travel from Europe to the united states for the next 30 days.

Resestoppet, which does not apply to the united kingdom, shall enter into force on Friday at midnight.

This is the one of the most far-reaching action to date in the united states in its efforts to prevent the spread of corona virus.

In his brief speech, which was broadcast from the Oval room at the White house, said the president of The disease is mainly a threat that is outside of the Us borders, without having to directly admit that the coronavirus is spreading even in the united states.

and he said, if the spread was that it was based to some extent in europe as a whole.
Stop in all the nordic countries

he said to the Wolf, who is the head of Homeland Security, the U.s. department of homeland security, has been on Twitter, released some of the details of resestoppet.

in The case of travel to the united states at any time during the 14 days prior to the travel out of the united states has found itself in the infected areas, and where the count for Sweden and the other nordic countries as well as a member Of the Schengen agreement.

of All the nations in the Schengen co-operation, which entails the free movement across borders is considered to be infected areas.

the Uk is not part of the Schengen agreement and therefore was not covered by the resestoppet.

are Exempt from the resestoppet are also american citizens, and the members of the family to the united states. however, they must travel through specific airports, which has not yet been issued, in order to enter the united states. & nbsp;
he said to the Wolf, refers to the provisions which have been introduced to travelers from China, russia, and the fact that it considers that it has prevented the infection to spread.

the Head of Homeland Security, said that Donald Trump's decision to keep the amerikanser to secure and save american lives.
He's going to announce more details about the resestoppet within the next 48 hours.


”the united states is faring better,”

Trump said in his speech, too, that the united states is doing better than Europe. & nbsp;
- having failed to take precautionary measures and to restrict travel from China and other hot spots, " he said.

As a result of the emerged clusters in the united states by travelers from Europe.

In the speech, he talked about the united states in the early restrictions were placed on the routes from China, where the epidemic broke out there.
- implemented early intervention measures in China. Now, we need to take the same measures to Europe, " said Trump, referring to past restrictions on travel between China and the united states.

Donald Trump also made the effort to play down the warnings of a declining economy and a possible recession in the wake of the corona.

" This is not a financial crisis, this is just a temporary period of time in which we will have to overcome, both as a nation and as a world.

But he also urged older americans to stay at home, and they said that they skulel to avoid travel

the Trump also urged older americans to avoid travel if at all possible.

Elderly people have to be very, very careful, " said the Trump, and called the nursing home to set up a visit that they considered to be ”medically unnecessary”.

Donald Trump also emphasized that risen to the standard of the americans was very low, but to avoid the crowds, and the more sammanknkoster, and to the inhabitants of the country should follow the local authorities advice.

Here are the countries of the Schengen

the Schengen area comprises the EU countries,
austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, germany, Greece, hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Czech republic, Germany, greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, hungary, Slovenia and Austria) and four non-EU countries are included in the agreement. They are Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

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Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 03:00

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