The travel market is plummeting and you can get screwed over on the money

Globally, the travel industry is a jätteindustri with more than 300 million people and an annual turnover that is counted in the trillions. In the shadow of t

The travel market is plummeting and you can get screwed over on the money

Globally, the travel industry is a jätteindustri with more than 300 million people and an annual turnover that is counted in the trillions.

In the shadow of the virusutbrottet is the travel industry. In the US, if one compares the decline of the hit travel after the terrorist acts of september 11, 2001.

the Airline United states, according to CNN, that it had lost 75 per cent of the bookings of the flights from the US across the Pacific to Asia and Australia. To China travel, in principle, no one in the company right now.

business travel has gone down, can be clearly seen. In Europe, for example, several of the major industry trade shows set up on the basis of the virusskräck.

the First mobilteknikmässan in Barcelona, and since the great and cutting-edge motor show in Geneva. Also, the resebranschens the big meeting place to the ITB trade show in Berlin, with 160 000 people are set up.

”it's very tough,”

Here, in Sweden, the struggle, the travel industry, in an uphill battle. If not, virusspridningen sounds of the summer are facing huge difficulties, "says Didrik von Seth, the secretary general of the SRF, the Swedish travel and arrangörsföreningen, as well as the managing director of the Swedish Resebyråföreningens Service AB.

" On the basis of the coronavirus, we are seeing a contraction in economic activity as a whole. For the travel industry, this means that the nybokningar been reduced by between 10 and 20 per cent to 50 per cent in some key destinations.

the latter is The case, for example, travel to the north of Italy, which had become freezing cold, after the virus has taken hold in the Milanoregionen and the surrounding area.

How much of the money the board lost it's still too early to say, according to Didrik von Seth. However, for many providers, it is in a vulnerable position.

" now, it's very hard to begin with. The industry is characterised by a small margin. Spells that are not of the summer jobs, " says secretary-general at the same time is critical of the fact that the SRF was not invited, and when the government had a crisis of coronavirus with a positive.

" We have a total of 7,000 employees and a turnover of 50 billion euro per year. Then there is the whole of the hospitality industry, with hotels and restaurants, and continues his Set.

Uncertainty about the cancellation of a large number of customers to get in touch with travel agents and airlines, and are unsure of what the case is, if you need to cancel a trip for fear of infection.

The general answer is that you will get your money back on a package of the MINISTRY for foreign affairs advises against travelling to the relevant destination. Then you have the right to be cancelled for a full refund, but not otherwise. The public concern is not enough.

– if you Have purchased the cancellation insurance, the journey will be cancelled if you become ill and can produce a doctor's certificate. However, the fear of being infected, it will not be considered as one of the reasons, says Didrik von Seth.

nor is it in the country, you can count on the replacement for the cancelled trip due to coronaroro. Reseförsäkringsbolaget of the European states that the cancellation insurance is only valid in case of cancellation of the destinations, such as the MINISTRY for foreign affairs advises against going to.

if you Have purchased a bus ticket to a destination, there is no statutory right of cancellation, even if the foreign office advises against. It is then the airlines ' own terms and conditions for cancellation apply.

the Man, however, has the right to obtain a refund of the taxes and fees that are charged.

READ MORE: in Its stops, all the package to China. READ MORE: : Questions and answers on the new coronavirus, LEARN MORE: how to Set up Thailandsresan? The MINISTRY's response on the coronariskenDetta is the case if you have booked a trip
in Accordance with the package travel act to have a passenger who has bought a package tour the right to cancel your booking, free of charge, if it is dangerous or not advisable for you to travel to your destination.

For the passengers to have the right to cancel the reservation without any charge, it is required that the MINISTRY for foreign affairs or by another competent authority to advise against travelling to the relevant destination.

, It is also necessary that the degree of probability to conclude that the destination is affected by the timing of the trip, so there is no guarantee that you will get a refund if the departure is later in time.

if you Have booked a flight ticket for yourself, no one package, a carrier's terms and conditions, as applicable. These will differ from company to company. The SAS will refund to not, for example, generally, the tickets will be cancelled due to fears of the coronavirus.

to View merVisa mindreOm you miss out on the return journey
the Travelers will be stuck at your destination, on the basis that it is put in quarantine, run the risk of missing their flight home. In such a case, the organizer has the general duty to provide assistance to a traveler, for example, to help us get in contact with the health care in this country, or to find new flights home.

, the Organizer is not responsible according to law for the costs incurred. A traveler who fails to appear for the return trip must be turned in to your insurance company to try to get a replacement.

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Date Of Update: 02 March 2020, 16:00

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