The whistle on the alleged greverånaren

four robberies in the Österlen region, of the elderly and well-off occurred, always in the evening when it is dark. For example, by the fact that they were spec

The whistle on the alleged greverånaren

four robberies in the Österlen region, of the elderly and well-off occurred, always in the evening when it is dark. For example, by the fact that they were speculators, for example, a car that was for sale on the Block, got the robbers to the victims, opening the door to his home. Three of the robberies can be classified as a felony.

One of the victims has been in Kvällsposten, she describes how a woman threatened him with a knife, and how he was beaten several times.

the 30-year-old, who along with his girlfriend, are suspected of the robbery, denying all the suspicions.

Denies all involvement,
He has denied any involvement, and, to the knowledge of the put to him to the last, " says lawyer Jan-Anders Hybelius, who is 30-see her bold fashion bid.

the 30-year-old says of himself, in a piece of paper that he expects to be cleared of all suspicion. However, this is not the Ystad district court on this issue. He and his girlfriend have been omhäktade on a number of occasions.

the Police have secured the bargain, and what is known as the trace, which is suspected of tying the 30-year-old and his girlfriend, to one or more of the robberies.

"It's the discoveries that have been made in different places," said prosecutor Emma Adolfsson.

The engineering study of the finds is complete, and the prosecutor is waiting for the results.

A third person may have been present in some of the robberies, among other things, when Carl Piper was beaten and robbed. The person is still on the loose.

Struck with a hard blow
Robbery in the case carried out fast. The robbers with the heavy blows of the members of their elderly victims. One of them, count Carl Piper, who, late in the evening of the 22nd of January and was seen on the Högestads goods, were forced out of the home and beaten, but managed to trick the robbers, two men and a woman.

He allowed them to pass on the location of the goods, which triggered the alarm.

What no one knew at the time was that of the man who, along with his girlfriend, is suspected of four robberies in the region of Österlen, is a 30-year-old, that is, on January 2, had been released after serving a prison sentence. Count Carl Piper was the victim of the aggravated robbery on January 22 at his home in Högestad. Eight days later, the arrest of a 30-year-old man and his girlfriend, who later häktadesFoto: < / b> JOHAN NILSSON/TT / TT NEWS agency

the terms and Conditions of his release was in the clear, according to the document, which is Kvällsposten, taking a part of it. He was placed under surveillance and was regularly in touch with method during probation. However, even before the release, there were signs of life outside of prison would be a matter of concern. Correctional staff reported to him, 24 times for the sentences. He was put in isolation seven times. The prison service is perceived to be a 30-year-old was a threat to their safety.

the Release was pushed up,
He got out of the grounds, no leave of absence, during imprisonment, and his release was postponed from december 24, 2019 to January 2.

in His first encounter with the method during probation, was booked for the 7th of January. but then, he did not. The administrator called for a 30-year-old explained that he lost track of time. The case officer offered to make an appointment with social services for a 30-year-old but he is not. Frivårdens the employee was further informed that the 30-year-old was bostadslös, and was living in his car.

Six days later, the suspected 30-year-old to have robbed a man in his 70s who lives on a farm in Trelleborg.

the second robbery occurred on the 15th of January, in the neighbourhood of Bonn. The day after the 30-year-old having been with the method during probation, but did not at that time. However, the announced a 30-year-old that he would like to have a frivårdens permission to obtain a passport.

on the Same day, kept the oversight board meeting on his request, but also discussed that the 30-year-old would have to serve an additional term of imprisonment. He was convicted and sentenced in december of last year, and while he was in jail for a second offence, to three months for the theft of a valuable glasskulptur at a hotel in florida.

Suspect's escape

the oversight board decided not to grant him a passtillstånd, in order to minimize the possibility that he was overseas when he was serving his prison sentence.

The surveillance, which continued during the course of his conditional release from prison, was developed to be a complete failure. This was true once, but too late and only stayed for a short period of time. Not in a meeting. On the 29th of January, he was called to a meeting, but didn't.

After three weeks of attempting to get the monitoring to work, decided that the method during probation, he would be disposed of, and a call went out to police.

on the Day after the event occurred on a new one, an aggravated robbery. This time around, in the land of Vollsjö. On the same night arrested a 30-year-old and his girlfriend, a police patrol in the city of Malmo.

the Actor, Emma, Mccartney said that the trial will take some time.

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Updated Date: 10 March 2020, 06:00

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