To act in the new homelessness, Bolund

as for longer periods of time have faced the precarious housing in Sweden is not surprised at the ”Mission Control” out and about ”The homeless” and ”Utflyttarn

To act in the new homelessness, Bolund

as for longer periods of time have faced the precarious housing in Sweden is not surprised at the ”Mission Control” out and about ”The homeless” and ”Utflyttarna”. We have been for a long time, and told the politicians, of homelessness, of children who are forced to travel several times a year because their parents have been in the expensive and precarious, the secondary market is the only option, where tenants are being forced out of their homes because they can't stay here for a wedding, and there is a large group of young adults are not able to go to their new homes. Had they listened to us and met with our proposal, we would have been able to be a part of the way. Already in 2015, I have proposed that the government should set up a bostadssocial of the investigation.
as A social right, has become a commodity
It is time to recognize that we have a new one in Sweden, which is where the right to housing has been reduced to a commodity, despite the fact that, according to the law, a social right. In which the individuals who, for various reasons, are shut out of the opportunity to obtain housing at a reasonable cost, and dump it to a standard of living which has reached the bottom, and in which children are forced to grow up in a poor, unsafe, and unstable environment. Where someone is suffering, there is an opportunity for someone else. The cycle needs to be broken.

The time has come to look beyond the short-term solutions. The time has come to face the fact. Policy requires solutions in which the social responsibility becomes a central plank of the construction and hyresjuridiken. It is necessary, legal, and bostadssociala solutions in it, it must be the policy of the day. The system failures we are seeing in the housing market, it can not only be for Social services to be solved.

Housing minister Per Bolund (MP) needs to accelerate, says the Swedish union of tenants.Photo by: < / b> STINA STJERNKVIST/TT We expect that Per Bolund
What we need is a responsible housing policy of the Swedish system on the other. What is it? Well, in a system which allows all groups in society have access to housing at reasonable cost, and, where the rogue landlords to be stopped.

" We can't wait to now take the initiative and put out a series of proposals. We would like to see a sjupunktsprogram in which the residents ' association calls for determined action, and in which the housing minister Per Bolund, takes the baton and engages with the ministers, mr Morgan Johansson ms Lena Hallengren in the process in order to ensure the right to housing at a reasonable cost.

the Scrapping of the proposal on the market
A good place to start is to immediately scrap the proposal on the market of newly-built apartments, which is part of the januariavtalet, it will only make it more difficult for ordinary people to be able to stay in their apartments when the rent is chockhöjs set up a bostadssocial of the investigation, and by the tightening of the act to provide the provincial government with a broader mandate, in order to put a stop to rogue landlords.

We propose:

the Government will appoint a bostadssocial of the investigation.

the Municipalities of the greater demands on it to build rental units at a reasonable cost.

The city's municipal security deposit, which will be exhibited for the people who find it difficult to establish themselves in the housing market.

the State is faced with a loan with good terms and conditions for companies that want to build rental properties.

the County administrative board has the mandate to review potential property owner prior to purchase in order to be able to stop clear of the rogue hosts from the acquisition of more properties.

the Justice of the taxation of the rental units will be made as to the cost of the new lease is more expensive than that of a newly-built housing, among other things, a renoveringsstöd to the tenancy.

the Government is looking over this so that it is not the overall cost.

the Lost opportunities in life,

Housing will need more and more, and the result of the reforms. The policy needs to be listening, to keep pace with the real world and the challenge for the future, when the bostadsbristens the consequences are becoming increasingly obvious and the need is so great. For individuals, it is about lost opportunities in life where the dream of a steady job and a family is postponed to a future date.

And, finally, the house must once again be regarded as a social right, in which the central government has the overall responsibility for the business. The goal of the policy must be adequate housing for everyone, at a reasonable cost, within a reasonable period of time. That's where we are really out of date. < / span> < / span>

the President of the Swedish union of tenants.

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Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 06:00

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