Too much talk talk talk

The III Congress on Depopulation in Rural areas, held a week ago at Palencia, and organized by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP); an

Too much talk talk talk

The III Congress on Depopulation in Rural areas, held a week ago at Palencia, and organized by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP); and the National Forum of Depopulation, developed last Wednesday and covered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, is not attracted little attention in the media. Yes, in contrast, a high share, which indicates the growing concern around an issue ostracized for decades. Everywhere spring this autumn conference on the depopulation. Some radiate the perfume of the barren bureaucracy; others get the implication neighborhood, such as those held in Allepuz (Teruel, spain) and Santa Cruz del Valle (Avila). What does not emerge, not by a long shot, is the necessary political will to ensure that the rhetoric mute on resources.

Holds the commissioner of the Government for the Demographic Challenge, the socialist Isaura Leal, that the depopulation demands a "State pact" and "an exercise of historical justice and territorial." There are to intervene, he adds. And around that idea you can start to build the consensus. While 90% of the Spanish population swirls in 1,500 municipalities, the remaining 10% are breaks in around 6.600 localities whose average population density of just exceeds the 14 inhabitants per square kilometer. In some environments, such as in the rural area of Guadalajara, that number falls to about 4 hab/km2. No country can sustain long-term imbalance territorial as defendant.

it Is appreciated that, unlike its predecessor, Loyal intensify the dialogue with public administrations, social agents and experts in the field of face-to elaborate the national strategy for the demographic challenge, which, oh surprise, plans to present on the eve of the municipal and regional elections of 2019. However, the priority before operate is to put everything in order the rigmarole tissue around the thread of the depopulation.

it is Not understood that, being in force the Law of Rural Development, the Government delayed the adoption of measures in search of a diagnosis that is reflected in the BOE since it was approved in 2007 that standard zapateril. Do not understand the exclusion of Teruel of the working group created by the ministry which directs Meritxell Batet and the EMFF: it is as if to articulate a commission on the olive groves and leave it outside to Jaén. It is not understood that, while the Executive shakes the sustainable development, Promotion continue abusing the infrastructure in Soria, Extremadura and Aragon. It is not understood that the Ministry for the Ecological Transition to agree on an output-millionaire by the end of the coal while condemning the footnotes of the State Budget to the Castile of "labriegos dry and faces dusty and cetrinas" that pergeñó Azorín. Not understand what the hell served as the speaker of the Senate about the depopulation. It is not clear why the european Parliament takes on this challenge if you do not find a reflection in the accounts in the community: more money for immigration, less for the CAP. And you cannot understand the effort wayward wasteland of so many entities that fight for their territories if no one aspires to coordinate this drive.

Despite plenty of talk, even today there remain obstacles to secure population in the field. And this is the most hurtful because it means that everything remains to be done. Draw a roadmap with vocation of permanence, change the mentality of the agricultural sector to reform the funding model for autonomic, designing a tax model set, extend the new technologies and work with closely with the counties and the associations of the base, which are those that know the cloth.

the Suturing of the gap rural passes by mobilizing euros. Only in this way can be corrected by the hollows of inequality. Otherwise supposed to stun the partridge and perpetuate the frustration.

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Updated Date: 30 October 2018, 19:00

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