Unrest in Mondragone: Corona-the rebellion of the Bulgarian agricultural workers

in The end the soldiers had to come: Since Thursday evening, around a hundred men of the Italian army to secure the "zona rossa" (red Zone) of Mondragone. Pre

Unrest in Mondragone: Corona-the rebellion of the Bulgarian agricultural workers

in The end the soldiers had to come: Since Thursday evening, around a hundred men of the Italian army to secure the "zona rossa" (red Zone) of Mondragone. Previously, it was in the town with around 29,000 inhabitants, to the North-West of Naples to disputes between Bulgarian hired servants, and Locals, who threatened to spiral out of control. The reason for the riots is a Coronavirus outbreak in that part of the residential district "Palazzi ex Cirio", which is inhabited mainly by Bulgarian peasants was. After Corona-Tests in the last week, with around 50 infections were identified, explained to the regional President of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, on Monday, a total of five tenements in the district, to the "red Zone" and placed it under quarantine. The police left the building, fence, blocked roads and entrances.

Matthias Rüb

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta, based in Rome.

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But apparently not thoroughly enough. A number of Bulgarian agricultural workers escape from the "zona rossa managed". Probably they returned to work on the fields in the Hinterland of the Tyrrhenian coast, where they are now in barracks overnight. Because if the day laborers don't work, you will have after a few days, no more euros in the pocket. In the precarious working conditions of the so-called "caporalato" is in fact slavery. "Caporali" are local country people, the day labourers. Help the farmers and agricultural the necessary workforce, providing for their Transport to and from the fields of organization, often for their accommodation. The payment of the day labourers is the "caporali", deduct from wages the cost of Transport, accommodation and job placement.

fisticuffs between the Locals and Bulgarians

The now from Coronavirus-affected tenements from Mondragone are crowded. It is problematic hygienic conditions. In one of the cordoned-off tenements Italian homeless people, living, illegally, but tolerated. The feel of the infected Bulgarians doubly threatened: by the of this introduced Virus as well as by the fact that she is imprisoned for 14 days in their homes and from their meager earnings are cut off. It's between Locals and Bulgarians within the "zona rossa came to fisticuffs". The van of a Bulgarian "caporale" went up in flames.

The police had to stop the Locals from the outside into the "red Zone" to break in. There, the Bulgarians protesting in turn against the restriction of their freedom of movement. Balcony chairs were thrown on the protesters. Regional President De Luca requested the Minister of the interior Luciana Lamorgese Thursday afternoon finally to gain. In the night of Friday, calm returned in Mondragone for the time being. But the matter is not done.

The case has far-reaching political implications. Regional President De Luca, formerly a Communist and, currently, a social Democrat, the puppet copied the gestures in the time of the Lockdowns and Shutdowns from the beginning of March until the end of may as the national Sheriff of the Left, which preserved the Region of Campania and the entire South of the country before the Penetration of the Coronavirus and with pithy sayings, the right criticized regional governments in the North, especially in Lombardy, due to their alleged failure in the fight against the pandemic. In Campania, as well as in six other regions (due to the pandemic shifted) regional elections are held in September. Even localised outbreaks of the Virus, as well as social unrest, decrease the re-election chances De Lucas. The three right-wing parties have already agreed on a common candidate.

meanwhile, the rights under the leadership of Matteo Salvini's of the populist Lega and Giorgia Melonis of the post-fascist party "brothers of Italy" during the acute pandemic almost lost the topic of (illegal) Immigration has brought back to life. Because the number of boat refugees, the reach of its own power, the Italian Mediterranean Islands of Lampedusa and Sicily, or from private rescue vessels are brought to the country, has recently increased significantly: Since the beginning of the year, there are 6400. In the prior-year period, as Salvini was still Minister of the interior, and a calculated campaign against "buonisti" (do-gooders) led, it would have been 2500.

applause only from Brussels and Berlin

last week, the German rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 was in the humanitarian operation off the Libyan coast, and requested entry into a safe Harbor. However, unlike Salvini prior-year period, of the leave all ports in the country for vessels with migrants on Board lock had allowed since September ruling Pro-European left-wing coalition, in Rome, private rescue vessels immediately the entrance to the harbour.

Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 12:19

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