Visit in the UK: Only bilateral friendly for Heiko Maas

walk to second in the Baroque garden, an Aperitif on the terrace, after Lunch in the manor house had a beer in the Pub of the Gutsdorfes: The German foreign Min

Visit in the UK: Only bilateral friendly for Heiko Maas

walk to second in the Baroque garden, an Aperitif on the terrace, after Lunch in the manor house had a beer in the Pub of the Gutsdorfes: The German foreign Minister Heiko Maas has become in the UK, pretty much all of the attention that is able to offer his British hosts, the foreign colleagues during a working visit. Dominic Raab, the "love Heiko" in the official country residence, Chevening House in Kent received instead of in his office in Whitehall, as the Protocol against gesture apply – Raab was a month ago to his first official visit to Berlin at the Guesthouse of the foreign Ministry, the Villa has been Borsig welcomed at lake Tegel, welcome. However, the British went attentions beyond the usual Protocol. You should carry one message: Germany is to remain a security policy anchor Britain in Europe, should consider the foreign, defence and other security interests of the United Kingdom in the future with attention and benevolence, and take into account.

John Age

Political correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

in this respect, Maas in the UK has been rather perceived as a German Minister, because as a representative of the current presidency of the EU. The duration of the issue of Brexit-succession planning – currently London and Brussels to negotiate again in a new round booth in the center of the encounter. Longer astonishment prevails in Berlin that beyond all the differences of opinion in trade, customs and commodity standard-no more questions future cooperation in the security and defence policy, recently the subject of a deeper discussion has been. In the past year, there had been British, such as from the European side, yet many public statements of the importance of security, political cooperation, ranging from counter-terrorism to military operations abroad, and in a comprehensive agreement should be. It was not been to joint bodies of the European Union and the United Kingdom where the practice of this "structured cooperation" and discusses planned it should be – about the participation of British troops in EU military missions.

A small tip of the German Delegation

In the discussions in the manor of Chevening dominated instead, the current foreign policy issues: the relationship with China and Russia and concern about developments in Libya and Syria. In relation to Russia London has, for more than two years of a tough stance, after summarized the evidence, that the poisoning of the former Russian officer Sergei Skripal had been arranged in the English Salisbury from Moscow. Here Berlin is now in a similar situation after a bomb attack on a Georgian building in the Berlin district of Moabit in the opinion of the office of the attorney General as a Russian order-to-murder has shown, and after a large-scale hacker attack on the email accounts of the Bundestag according to investigations by the Federal criminal police office of the Russian military intelligence service GRU was responsible.

A tougher stance London wishes to China, especially with a view to the possible taking of restrictive measures in Hong Kong. In both cases, the German foreign Minister will point out, however, that German actions or reactions are first of all determined by the Effort to achieve a unified position of the EU. Thus, in the case of Russia, where Berlin would like to apply now due to the Russian cyber attack is a new European sanctions instrument. So is it also in the case of China, where there is a step that London has already taken place will be discussed the termination of the extradition agreement with Hong Kong, by the Europeans, but where there is still no unified approach is found. Maas insisted, however, that the of France and Germany proposed measures – that is, the renunciation of the Export of military and other goods, the weapons are suitable, as well as ease entry rules for Hong Kong Chinese were similar to the measures which had been decided by the British to China.

Updated Date: 22 July 2020, 17:19

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