Warning to the inexperienced, the rival: I think they are dangerous

in the pre-season in 2014, brought by Daniel Andersson-from as Per Ågren director of sports at Malmö FF. one of the first rekrytringarna, which then sticks in

Warning to the inexperienced, the rival: I think they are dangerous

in the pre-season in 2014, brought by Daniel Andersson-from as Per Ågren director of sports at Malmö FF.

one of the first rekrytringarna, which then sticks in two out of the crowd.

for Åge Hareide and Markus Rosenberg.

the two in the lead took them to Malmö FF, eight months later, out of the uefa Champions League group stage. The following year, it is once again.

for Daniel, His six completed years as a director Malmö FF in the top Swedish gold medals, two uefa Champions League group stage and two in the Europa League group stage.

And, after the CL group stages in 2014 and 2015, and wrote the CLUB a new Europahistoria when, in 2018, for the first time, evolved from a european group stage, through to second place behind the belgian Genk in the champions League.

A year later, it was another story with the club for the first time and won a group game in the champions League before the turn of FC Copenhagen, Dinamo Kiev and Lugano.

the CLUB is able to write the history of to the city centre
Now waiting for the second match against Wolfsburg at the 16th delsfinalen, and the CLUB is a one-time goal of writing a new story under His leadership.

the 1-0 victory at the Stadium of Malmö FF for the first time it has gone through a playoff game after the group stage.

" we are where we are in the Europa League, now that is a sign that the association has done a very good, long-term work in the last few years. At the same time shows that we are all the time looking for further development, " says Daniel Andersson, who is in his seventh year in the record that the director still feels that the job is just as much fun.

" Certainly, it is there. It's fun to put it together. Since then, it has not changed much in years. Now, there is more continuity, which is the part that is very important to me to try to build up, " says Andersson, and move on.

" at the same time, we have gained back some of the young people that we believe in, and Isaac (Kiese Thelin) has been received. However, in recent years, there has been a lot more ruljans, in which it has been more of a burden. It's been a little bit different this year.
Daniel Andersson at the Stadium during the uefa Europa League-matchFoto: < / b> CHRISTOFFER BORG MATTISSON / BILDBYRÅN

most of The teams that recruit from that league has now closed, transferfönster, at the same time, can the CLUB to strengthen up to the top flight begins. And we are ready to do so if the right position pops up.

" It's clear that we're looking at players in all positions at all times. Since it is difficult to have long lists, too, and now and then a player. There is so much of it ... all the players that are available to you. So much is about timing and sometimes you have shitty timing, and sometimes it's really, really good.

" It's complicated. Sometimes it can be a very good player, but we really don't have room for him, and then says, " no, no, we need to change, and then he's gone. It goes by so fast. But there are ever prepared for it.

" Sometimes we are set in advance. What is the advantage of having a little bit of money. Since then, it has, in turn, meant that we might be a little to many right now for the players that have been left behind in a way that we might not have expected.

Strenuous to recruit a coach for Malmö FF < / span>

" It's the toughest thing to do is make a tränarerekrytering, that we had this year as well. However, it was perhaps good timing, from a personal belastningsperspektiv that it was not so many of the shuttle facilities at this accommodation. A tränarrekrytering takes the input of time.

" So we are doing a tränarrekrytering, so we see a number of candidates. And, like many, many times. We sit and talk for a couple of hours. So all of us can count on to meet some of the candidates a few times, and they talk for a few hours, and transport to the meetings, so it is a lot of hours to meet up with people.

" Then there is the work of research and talking with the people around them who are part of the valuable information.

" I'd say three-to-five. It is then, perhaps, someone just hits it once and the second hit the man at least three times. Jon, I think that we have finally met four times, and then it will be styrelseträffen. It will be a little bit of time.

" Then, this year, I have met with a little bit of an assistant coach. So, it is full of days." We are trying to make choices as based as possible. We are very meticulous in our work. It seems like a good way to go.

a Tough battle for the gold in the top
Malmö FF have a decent chance of going further in the champions League. At the same time, the club has missed the national CHAMPIONSHIP two years in a row.

The other clubs are also looking strong. We get to see a bit of the Video and what it means to lose Djurdjic. They've got Paulinho, what do you have? There are a variety of spelartyper. It is the third consecutive year by the coaches, who are continuing to expand, with the continuity of the service. I think the Glass will be dangerous, " says Daniel Andersson, and move on.

" the island of Djurgården, has been kept fairly well intact and in force. They are going to be up there again. It will be interesting to see what they are capable of europaspelet.

in Addition to the last one, and the third looks to Daniel Andersson for a further three clubs who can mix it in started the last game.

" there is always a, so, Norrköping, sweden, and the Hedge that is behind it. I don't think I have to bite into it, I think.
to Daniel Andersson for the gold medal 2013Foto: < / b> by TOMAS LEPRINCE < / span>

" over The past few years, I think that there are so many people on the inside of the train that is put in. It is, I think, a matter of fact. It seems that there are more good teams and more teams that are fighting for it.

in the early in the his seventh year as director of sports at Malmö FF beat a 74-fold played, and that it is a job, you have a certain amount of time.

" It requires a lot of energy. And when you don't have it anymore, it is time to let someone else take over, " says Andersson, and move on.

" It's not a job I'm going to retire on it.

But at the end of the tunnel, see Daniel Andersson yet.

" No, as long as it feels good. I feel like I have the passion and the energy that is required. Then on the one above, think differently, and that there is a better option for Malmö FF, as it's none of my business. But from my side I can't see the end yet", says Daniel Andersson.

the Question now is whether the hemmamötet of the Year will be at the end of the uefa Europa League trip to 2019/2020.

Or, if this would be the start of yet another historic european landmark for Malmö FF.

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Date Of Update: 27 February 2020, 17:00

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