What do we have, really, for the EUROPEAN billion?

What can we actually do for the money? Sweden has long been one of the biggest net contributors to the EU, and to pay annually, over 30 million dollars in tax,

What do we have, really, for the EUROPEAN billion?

What can we actually do for the money? Sweden has long been one of the biggest net contributors to the EU, and to pay annually, over 30 million dollars in tax, which is equivalent to the cost of both the Swedish police and the courts each and every year. In other words, this means that each of the renegotiated long-term per cent, in the EU context, this represents an enormous amount of English tax-payers.

Right now, there are negotiations on the next long-term budget, and according to the current proposal, there will be five countries, including Sweden, it will pay 75 per cent of the total nettobidragen to the european union for the next seven years. Five of the countries, thus the support of the other twenty-two. The next time you're traveling through Europe and seeing a billboard with a ”paid-for-by-the-European-Union”, it is, therefore, to a large part of the Swedish taxpayers, who have been responsible for the bill. The state of the art high-speed train in Spain at the time, thanks to our tax dollars at the same time that we are going to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for our own.
that Requires a higher fee, and will allow us to pick up the tab
in Sweden, however, is not entirely powerless in this respect, then, we have the right to veto, which should be exploited to the full. At the moment there is only a handful of countries that are standing up against the so-called ”unity friends”, in 17 countries, led by the socialist prime minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, all of them would like to increase the budget of the EU. In all of these countries are net beneficiaries of these contexts, which makes it easier to make the case for more money and higher fees, as they do not need to pay the price.

in This approach, we are also one of the major problems faced by the EU in the future. Should the EUROPEAN union be in a union that constantly funnel money to the south and the east? Free trade, the internal market, and cooperation in, for example, the environment should not lead to increased costs.

< Löfvens the EUROPEAN union-the case is a hollow,
by Stefan Löfven said recently that we are serving the 300-billion-per-year to be included in the EU's internal market. The countries of the south and the east to see a similar effect, and the question then becomes, why do we still need to send billions to those countries.

the Union is almost unanimous that the increase of Albania and the Nordmakedonien. If the countries were to be nettobidragstagare for the foreseeable future.

with the assistance of the EUROPEAN union is characterised, moreover, by great corruption, and a costly red tape at the same time, they have a highly questionable effect. Criticisms have been levelled at the EUROPEAN union's disbursements from both the european court of auditors, as well as a stand-alone audit. Recently, it has also been noted that support for agriculture - which is comprised of one-third of the total budget, to a large extent ends up in the oligarkers the pockets of the former countries in the region, and that of the small farmers.

and Now there is talk, moreover, that the EUROPEAN union should have direct powers of taxation, something that would not only generate more taxes and fees, but also to be one step away from national self-determination.
Welcome to two corrupt donor countries
What's even more noteworthy is the fact that it is virtually agreed to extend it by a further two very poor countries, such as Albania and Nordmakedonien. The sweden democrats are the only Swedish party in the european Parliament, to which I said ' no ' to this, then this is the two countries, according to Transparency International, is grappling with the problem of corruption on a level with Colombia and Panama.

in Countries characterized by high crime rates, problems with the rule of law and relative poverty. The membership would also include the so-called ”brain drain” of skilled workers, and to facilitate the export of both drugs and organized crime. In addition, countries would be nettobidragstagare for the foreseeable future.

to Rescue american health care, and the police, in the place
It has become increasingly clear that Sweden now has a large and growing problem, ranging from fully independent churches, to a lack of integration, sjukvårdsköer, bankrupt municipalities, and a lack of resources within the police and the judicial system. The money is needed, simply, at home, in the here and now.

this is, quite simply, not sustainable. After the British withdrawal, rather to increase than to reduce the budget, and the sound is already heavily taxed and burdened English taxpayer to pay part of the bill does not make sense. The union people will not want to live in a more close-knit as they will be forced to pay for other people's well-being at the expense of their own. With our policies, the structural funds have been shut down and the EU budget, and the EU-the fee been held by the one-third of the total. Free trade will not cost a lot of money – that's the whole point of the single market. < / span> < / span>


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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 07:00

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