What fault have the poor Constitution!

The Spanish Constitution has gone from being a source of pride and a reference to the democratic transitions of half the world not having, in appearance, who de

What fault have the poor Constitution!

The Spanish Constitution has gone from being a source of pride and a reference to the democratic transitions of half the world not having, in appearance, who defends it. Disowned even by some parents, putative, it is worth the tag of The malquerida, one of the few works, along with vested interests, that has not fallen into the oblivion of the vast panoply of Jacinto Benavente. The one Nobel prize that was to forgive his fame at the edge of his lameness, and whose memory is fading as his effigy on the coins of 200 pesetas. As a metaphor of today, the coincidence wants that these days of December to coincide with the anniversaries of the rural drama more than a hundred years old and of a Constitution cuarentona that some covet put in quarantine.

In the ardent defense that made the playwright, from madrid to the invective of Perez Ayala or Valle-Inclán, Pemán argued that some wanted to bury him in the same pit that their marquesas, its corny, its tables of tea and roses of autumn. Something similar occurs with the generation of the Transition. He wants to bury along with a Constitution that, without being the most long-lived, as the canovist 1876 pervivió 48 years, it has contributed to breaking down the tested tradition of Letters Speeches is removable.

In view of that little seat constitutional, Josep Pla concluded that "Spain is one of the countries in the world, having designed more Constitutions -has made a-plenty, is yet to be". As opposed to, for example, to an England that, without the need to have it written, have it recorded in the feeling, in the mind and in your habit. This gives the british a sense of the constitution, that would like to yes the spaniards. Stubborn in making history, Spain the rid which Penelope with the endless blanket with the one that gave odd and even to her suitors. The absence of a standard round at all, this our of 1978 was not going to be an exception. "No one [or nothing] is perfect," warns anyone without getting to the degree of crush of the pledged millionaire With skirts and crazy. In his passionate charm, doesn't give up in getting married with the one who disguises himself as a woman fleeing from thugs or when the character of Jack Lemmon is unmasked and crying trying to make him enter in reason: "I'm a man!".

To the Constitution you can draw as many strikeouts as his detractors to Benavente. But, beyond the misguided of some articles or their vagueness suicide -especially in the chapter on autonomous communities or in the educational-, any ripping can be mend with the same willingness that facilitated its birth. Unfortunately, your foundation has been broken up into gravel that now are thrown against each other. The blame should not be endosársela exclusively to irredentism-nationalist, despite the concessions made in pursuit of the unlikely accommodation of those who never thought that the Constitution was a point of arrival, but departure runway towards the independence.

To this mess, the national parties have cooperated stupidly emptying the Constitution by the backdoor of article 150.2 or endorsing Statutes that altered through innuendo, the Law of Laws. To guarantee the parliamentary majority, or simply have the party in peace, the successive presidents of the democracy have been prepended to the compliance of Statutes concerning support of a Constitution voted on extensively and which have been rendered to a position subsidiary.

Although it is clear that a Constitution are not some unalterable tablets of the Law, the priority should be to weld fractures and restore the bonds of union. This requires a determined political action, instead of opening in channel a Constitution with a Parliament transfigured in Tower of Babel, where all cry out (and insult) and no one understands. This will only cause the body sick not to come out alive from the operating room. Without chart or helm insightful, with each crew member checking bearings opposed, reform capotaría in the estuary of the port. In fact, in terms of formulating black-on-white and some amendments, it is noted that, rather than solve, the problems, enlarge. Sometimes, as crazy as that marine who, in the midst of the shipwreck, runs bail the water out by multiplying the holes of the pot that goes south.

To the eye, cops that, instead of sewing two ends, and tie down tightly, the torn from those who undo the Constitution, proposes a kind of Constituqué, that is, a kind of explosive device that then jump into the air the Spanish nation, deconstructed in "nation of nations", where would be determined on a bilateral relationship. In short, nacioncitas with the aspiration of State exaltarían that "to us, and that we are worth as much as you, but together more than you, I do Main the same, with such and to keep our privileges and liberties; and if not, not", according to the formula that the feudal lords enforced the king of Aragon.

To this end, there are politicians, professors and business circles that sponsor a future Status of Catalonia, to give taste to the independence, does not have to be endorsed by the Courts, the depository of national sovereignty, which would be a way of autodeterminarse. Amen to applying measures already failed in Germany in the reconfiguration of the Senate as chamber of territorial and that there are no länder refuse to be part of a whole in which are recognized. In fact, the political germans embridaron a dynamic centripetal by the 16 States maquinaban so that no one could do anything without the other, and who delegated their decisions in an ineffective Federal Council (Bundesrat) because the 16 the vetaban of continuous.

What esperpéntico is that, once Germany years ago, you escaped from that trap by rebalancing the division of powers in favour of the general interest and by reducing the veto power of the Bundesrat on the Parliament (Bundestag), the arbitristas of the situation, seeking to conjure at the secesionismo, claiming to convert the Senate into the Chamber of the Regions. While having the Camera High praise of the article 155, that is, the suspension of the autonomy, to block that provision would be the only thing that would move to the secessionist to be provided to the game. In any case, how is it going to develop another Standard normarum when even within the same party -as in the case of the PSOE, now in the Government - there is compliance on the basic issues such as the State model with the oxymoron of federalism, asymmetrical, or the trompe-l'oeil of the "right to decide" that robs it of that power to the set of the Spanish.

In synthesis, remedies of sophists who, in reality, they are means to the grave. Without the high-mindedness and greatness of spirit of the constituents, it is not possible to perfect a Constitution for the grossly disappointing as that is, it is. But bad politicians, when you run out of ideas or are struggling to causa's discredit, you flee from reality by embarking on removals constitutional without a minimum compromise between those who should lead them. In these circumstances, will only come bad drugs that exacerbate the condition.

No country seriously frivoliza nor with which each generation must have its Constitution. If so, how many should treasure the united states since 1789? For two centuries and a half which remains virtually unchanged to yours, despite civil wars, magnicidios, crash, conflagrations worldwide, resignations, presidential or massacres such as the 11-S. By tabula rasa and dismissal of general interest, it is irresponsible to run a Constitution that conjured demons family burying the jawbone of an ass of a cainismo who had to Spain in sustained civil fighting almost since the expulsion of the invading napoleonic era up to the Transition, and now some fancy suicidamente revive. Already wrote to Faulkner that "the past never disappears; it is not even the past".

More than striving in the desideratum of another Constitution when there is no match, neither in the diagnosis nor in treatment, the zeal would have to be put in to ensure compliance and to preserve the equality of every citizen, regardless of the corner in which to dwell. In fact, your failure to comply allows the dismemberment of the nation that articulates and facilitates that it is the clear gradually, thanks to a political class that is unwilling to change his way of governing, but rather to vary of laws. As if they have a virtue of healing that were done to reverse the state of things with its enactment. It is not needful for both the constitutions of new stuff, like rulers willing to enforce. There is No law of redemption when, to paraphrase an egregious hero of the Restoration, "govern the same men that we lost, the same parties who had no inspiration, energy, and patriotism in the critical moments, and that, as if they had been successful, they continue sharing the impoverished nation".

At this crossroads, we should wonder what it is that has made them poor Constitution who, in view of the bad treatment to which the subject would require them to withdraw their hands of it and the resguardaran of older estropicios. To this Constitution, now malquerida, to give, after 40 years, the spirit lost the strengthen to face challenges as pressing as the independence and of those who are struggling to re-open the Pandora's Box of guerracivilismo. At the time a partner of a president of the Government, as Pedro Sanchez, who seems to blot out the memory that that Constitution is the work of a PSOE escarmentado, as the set of political formations, of the errors that had brought Spain into a conflagration fratricide.

we must insist as many times as is relevant, because, as alleged Benavente to those who blamed her for the repetition of phrases in their dramas: "The first is to hear, the second for the listen and the third to understand it".

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Date Of Update: 08 December 2018, 20:00

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