When the World's most expensive Now, is the Worst, and poked

& Alisson Becker was just to keep the record as the most expensive goalkeeper in just over three weeks ' time. Brasse was in the middle of July, 2018, the clea

When the World's most expensive Now, is the Worst, and poked

& Alisson Becker was just to keep the record as the most expensive goalkeeper in just over three weeks ' time. Brasse was in the middle of July, 2018, the clear of Liverpool, who paid for the 770 million to sign him from as Roma. However, on 8 August, Chelsea is clearly the Athletic Club Kepa Arrizabalaga, who was brought in to replace Thibaut Courtois, to 820 million euros.

in Addition to that, the Chelsea, on a sjuårskontrakt with, he is worth 1.9 million this week, making him one of the club's highest paid player.

Both Alisson that Kepa was to celebrate their european title to their respective debutsäsonger, Alisson in the Champions League, and Kepa in the Europa League. However, this season, of their careers, have gone to a different direction.

Alisson and his Liverpool is going like a train in the Premier League and have only lost points in two games, and brasse, has only released a set of eleven goals in the 20 appearances he made in the premier league.

< Kepa, for its part, in percentage terms, the Premier League's worst goalie of the year.

< Kepa Arrizabalagas leaden statistics
in Total, the 25-year-old spaniard, has played in 24 games, and his stats over those games, is a dark reading of the Chelseasupportrar.

, He has in total had 69 shots on goal in his direction, one of the goalies who have played at least 15 games, it is only Manchester City, Ederson, Liverpool Alisson and West Ham's Lukasz Fabianski, who received a smaller percentage of the shots against him. At the top of the list are Newcastle's Martin Dubravka, who has had 149 shots against him.

the He has managed to keep a clean sheet in 20.8% of their games, which is the 14th best in the league. Best of all, Alisson, which is to keep a clean sheet in 50% or more of their games.

the , and He has a save percentage at 53.6 percent, the worst of any goalkeeper in the Premier League. We're Jordan Pickford is the second-to-worst, with 60.7 per cent, while Alisson is the best, with a save percentage of 80.4.

as a result, Chelseamanagern Frank Lampard was not enough. After a 2-2 draw the match against Arsenal on the 21st of January, so have a Kepa got to wear the bench. Instead, the 38-year-old Willy Caballero guarded the goal in five straight matches, four in the premier league and the Champions League.
Details: Want to leave Chelsea,
According to the Daily Mail Kepa responded with a very negative impact on the petningen and feels mistreated by the club. The newspaper said that Kepa believes that Chelsea's Frank Lampard, should have supported him rather than pick him up and he is now going to be open to leaving the club in the summer. The Athletic Chelseainsider Simon Johnson writes that Kepa has a good reason to be worried about his future at the club.

The us goalkeeper Matt Pyzdrowski with a history of, inter alia, with Helsingborgs IF, the work of the day målvaktsanalytiker to The Club. He thinks that Kepa is a very capable goal keeper, and is believed to be petningen is more than just bad form.

and, of Course, was that he was petades due to a lack of form, but I also think that he is petades in order to save him. I think that Lampard wanted to take him out of the firing line and give him a chance to rediscover what made him great. To help him rebuild his self-esteem.

" I can understand why so many people believe it, even the players at the other positions. However, as a goalie, I know what it's like to be in the line of fire. I know what it's like to have to have full self-confidence, and what it's like to not have any self-esteem at all. In-between when you have it really, really, really, really hard, it might be worse to play. Because it will be more difficult to build up self-confidence, especially when it's at the bottom of which there seems to be a by Kepa at the moment. What he is really doing so well, that he has a problem with it now. He was in doubt of himself, It is clear that the problem is a lack of self-confidence.

Kepas's three greatest strengths as a goalkeeper, according to Pyzdrowski < / span>

" If you look at the Kepa in the case so he's just like a goalie should. He's up on his toes, to have the weight of the body forward and has her hands in a position between the chest and the hips. This will allow him to be ready to respond to different types of transactions.

" Kepa also has a very good vision and a good sense of timing in his utrusningar. In addition, he is able to decide when he wants to curl up in his position and he must remain in the upright position.

" He's footwork is brilliant and perhaps the best feature. And he's a very, very good passningsfot, but I'm thinking in particular about the way he moves in the target area. He is moving in an exemplary way and are very quick.

to View merVisa-less, It is a really, really pissed to be demoted”
However, the british newspaper the data and do Pyzdrowski, Chelsea are going to have to be patient with Kepa. In any case, to a certain extent.

" In any case, if they are going back to the place they want to be, where they'll compete for a title. Otherwise, anything can happen. However, I do think that they are going to be happy with both Lampard and Kepa.

he believes that the Kepa will get a chance to take revenge during the regular season. And then he will be very, very hungry.

" I know how the mind works, for a goalie, and you are never so hungry as when a man is given a second chance. It's really, really pissed off at being poked, and then you try to work through it, and to dispel all doubt of it. So, when you come back, you are extremely motivated.

At night, the Chelsea-Liverpool in the FA Cup, the start of the game at 20.45.

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