With the help of nationwide raids, the Neuruppin public prosecutor’s office is investigating members of the “last generation”. The accusation: suspected formation of a criminal organization. In order to speed up the process from their point of view, hundreds of activists let the investigators know that they see themselves as part of the group.

After the house searches of several members of the “last generation” in mid-December, 1,332 people reported themselves, according to the climate activist group. The group said they informed the public prosecutor’s office in Neuruppin over the holidays that they considered themselves part of the “last generation”. They assumed that the Basic Law, human rights and the penal code were on their side. The self-disclosure is intended to speed up the full examination.

Two weeks ago, apartments in several federal states were searched by climate activists. The public prosecutor’s office accuses them of forming or supporting a criminal organization. Now it remains to be seen whether “house searches will follow” for the 1,332 people, the group said. She announced that eight supporters were still in prison in Munich. Ten of them were taken into long-term police custody there last week. They had stuck themselves on a street in the Bavarian capital.

According to the police in Stuttgart, several activists planned to disrupt the live broadcast of a Christmas service on television on Christmas Eve. The protest action was therefore known in advance, after which the service was recorded the day before. On Saturday, however, eight climate activists met in front of the closed church. The police gave two “potential troublemakers” a place reference.