Afghanistan: Self-suicide at meetings of religious leaders

Several people were to be killed by an attack in Kabul. The religious leaders had, among other things, pronounced a fatwa against self-bombings.

Afghanistan: Self-suicide at meetings of religious leaders

In Derafghanischen capital Kabul, a meeting of religious leaders einSelbstmordanschlag been perpetrated. AFP and Reuters report to Afghan police in Berufungauf. Thus, MehrereMenschen were killed at stop. According to first information, attack had been perpetrated, AlsTeilnehmer had just left tent of meeting.

At both meetings of Ulema Council, around 2,000 clerics, scholars and andereislamische and legal authorities from all over Afghanistan had come toger. Sieforderten government, radical Islamic Taliban and or Extremistenzu a truce and peace negotiations. In addition, DieMitglieder of Ulema-rata spoke of a fatwa against suicide bombings. Islamic law forbids SolcheAngriffe, Council declared in a legal opinion.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:02

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