After Jan. 6 rioters, posts surface that show her applauding the Deputy Virginia AG.

Monique Miles, a Facebook user on Jan. 6, 2021 called the rioters that stormed Capitol "patriots" in a post.

After Jan. 6 rioters, posts surface that show her applauding the Deputy Virginia AG.

WASHINGTON -- Thursday's resignation of a Republican deputy attorney general for Virginia was due to Facebook posts that showed she applauded Jan. 6 rioters falsely claimed that Donald Trump had won the 2020 presidential election.

The Virginia attorney general's Office was made aware Thursday of the posts by Monique miles when The Washington Post shared screenshots of her comments. Victoria LaCivita was a spokesperson for Attorney General Jason Miyares.


"This information was not known to the Office of Attorney General before this morning. Ms. Ms. Miles has resigned her position at the Office of the attorney general," LaCivita stated.

Miles began her role last month as deputy attorney general for government transactions and operations after she had previously worked at Old Towne Associates.

LaCivita said, "The Attorney General was very clear -- Joe Biden won and he condemned the January 6th attack."

Although the Facebook posts are not accessible to the general public, one screenshot was obtained by the Post. It read: "News Flash. Patriots stormed the Capitol. It's not surprising. The deep state has awakened the sleeping giant. Patriots will not take this lightly. We are ready, awake, and willing to fight for our rights through any means necessary."

Miles is active on Twitter, and although she didn't post anything Jan. 6, the platform shows she "liked" a tweet that day that suggested that rioters might have been antifa supporters disguised as members. Multiple government officials insist that there is no evidence they were involved in the attack on Capitol.

Miles retweeted several pro-Trump posts in the days that followed the riot. One of these was shared the day before Trump was impeached by the House for inciting the attack.
"Could someone please post the section of Trump's speech inciting violence?" "I listened to the entire thing and can't find it," said Tomi Lahren (conservative commentator), in reference to Trump’s speech at White House Ellipse.

Miles also retweeted posts regarding audits of 2020 elections and attempts to uncover evidence of voter corruption. According to the Post, Miles also had posted Facebook articles that supported conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election.

Miles didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association supports approximately two dozen Democratic attorney generals and highlighted the Post's reporting through a statement.

Geoff Burgan (the association's communications director) said that Jason Miyares must be honest: Is he lying? This raises more questions about Republican AGs' reckless embrace of debunked conspiracy theories.

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