Antisemitism: Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz attacked

According to a media report in Chemnitz, there should also have been an attack on a Jewish restaurant in parallel with the attacks. The owner was injured.

Antisemitism: Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz attacked

At same time as riots in Chemnitz on August 27th, neo-Nazis have attacked a Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz. Around 21.40 o'clock, about twelve black-clad attackers would have called "Shalom" restaurant with stones, bottles and a sawed-off steel tube pelted and "Hau AB from Germany, du Judensau", World reports. They would have destroyed a window pane and injured owner of restaurant, Uwe Dziuballa, with a stone on his shoulder. The State criminal Police Office Saxony confirmed to newspaper a corresponding display of host. A spokesman for Ministry of Interior said that "a politically motivated act is currently naheliege with an anti-Semitic background."

Dziuballa reported that after an emergency call police were quickly on site, but only days later attack objects were secured and damage was absorbed. Until n, according to information from world, police and Ministry of Interior had only assumed "attempted property damage". Over past few years Dziuballa has been attacked again and again by anti-Semitic measures: y have smeared swastikas on ir facades and placed pigs ' heads in front of restaurant. Even after recent attack, restaurant remains open.

The Commissioner against Anti-Semitism of federal government, Felix Klein, told World on Sunday: "If reports are true, we will have to deal with robbery of Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz with a new quality anti-Semitic crimes. This is where worst memories of Thirties are awakened. "

Date Of Update: 08 September 2018, 12:00

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