Arson: BGH raises arsonist verdict against right-wing radicals

For more than nine years in prison, an NPD politician was sentenced to fire a refugee shelter. Now doubts have been expressed about a aldermen.

Arson: BGH raises arsonist verdict against right-wing radicals

The Federal Supreme Court annulled ruling against a right-wing extremist who was to set up an asylum seeker accommodation on fire. The judgement was now known to BGH, before Märkische general, citing defender of n-NPD local politician Maik S. reported about it. The process against S. Due to arson must now be rewinded at Landgericht Potsdam.

S. was sentenced to a total sentence of nine years in prison in first trial. According to court ruling, he was supposed to have lit a gymnasium in Brandenburg Nauen in August 2015, which was intended as a emergency shelter for refugees.

The BGH justified his decision by saying that a lay judge in process had referred to S. To his deed as "rubbish." The defendant had refore doubted impartiality of aldermen. These doubts were justified from point of view of Supreme Criminal Court.

The defender of S., Michael Knaak, now wants to try to get his client out of custody before High Court. have been in custody for two years and four months without a valid judgement, Knaak said to RBB.

The BGH also annulled judgment against a co-defendant of S. In relation to sentence. This was sentenced to a total of seven years due to arson and or offences. Due to inconsistencies in assessment of individual penalties, judges of BGH judged that total penalty had to be renegotiated and decided.

Date Of Update: 22 June 2018, 12:02

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