Attorney claims that the feds subpoenaed Hunter Biden's paternity documents, which included tax returns, to determine Hunter Biden's paternity: "They wanted all records"

According to documents and an attorney involved, the documents were subpoenaed by the Hunter Biden prosecution. They included tax records for President Barack Obama's son.

Attorney claims that the feds subpoenaed Hunter Biden's paternity documents, which included tax returns, to determine Hunter Biden's paternity: "They wanted all records"

Clint Lancaster stated to CBS News that they wanted all records relating to Hunter Biden. Lancaster represented Lunden Roberts who, in 2019, filed a lawsuit against Hunter Biden alleging that he was the father her child.

CBS News obtained a subpoena from Delaware's U.S. attorney's office in December 2020 asking for all documents "regarding Hunter] Biden’s income, assets and debts, obligations and financial transactions... as well as all personal and business expenses." The request was made from January 2017 to the present.

A wide variety of tax documents related to Hunter Biden were also required by the subpoena.

The subpoena states that the subpoena covers "all federal, state and local tax documentation related to Biden", "including but not restricted to IRS Forms 1099 and income and payroll tax return, state tax returns and amended tax returns."

Since the beginning of the 2020 campaign, Hunter Biden's business and personal conduct have been under scrutiny.

Federal authorities have obtained these records, giving a glimpse of the ongoing investigation into President Trump's son. This probe began many years ago as a tax inquiry.

CBS News reported that Lesley Wolf, Assistant U.S. attorney in Delaware, visited Lancaster's Arkansas office in fall 2021. There, he was joined by at most two federal agents from the FBI, and one IRS enforcement agent. Lancaster stated that he spent half an hour answering questions about Hunter Biden's business practices and spending about half an hour with his client.

Lancaster stated that investigators requested information on Hunter Biden's companies, including Rosemont Seneca Partners which was where he worked for many years.

A separate federal subpoena issued by the U.S. attorney's office in Delaware for 2019 also accompanied the line of questioning. CBS News obtained the subpoena and it sought "all records and documents pertaining to all financial/banking transaction" between 15 entities and Hunter Biden. This included James , Hunter's brother and two business partners. The subpoena was issued in 2019.

Lancaster stated that Hunter Biden provided an "affidavit financial means" during the paternity suit. This detailed his finances through income statements, and included a breakdown of monthly costs.

Lancaster claimed that the tax records that he and his client provided overlapped with Hunter Biden's foreign business transactions.

According to Roberts' lawyer, she testified before the Delaware grand jury in February.

Roberts declined to comment on CBS News.

A November 2019 Arkansas court filing states that "DNA testing has established scientific certainty" Hunter Biden is the father Roberts' child. It is believed that the child is around three years old. In 2020, the paternity case was resolved. Some records are still sealed.

The U.S. attorney's office has yet to comment on the progress or objectives of their investigation into Hunter Biden. CBS also asked the office about Lancaster's account.

CBS News was informed by a retired federal prosecutor that Lancaster's actions suggest an aggressive effort on the part of investigators for the U.S. attorney in Delaware.

Harry Litmann, who worked as a U.S. attorney for two decades in the Department of Justice, said that "the whole thing is as serious a heart attack." People are going in and coming out of the grand jury. They're trying to reach the depths. They are playing hardball."

It has been clear in recent weeks that Hunter Biden's federal investigation into his business practices is extensive. Multiple sources claim that the probe is looking into whether Hunter Biden or his associates violated foreign lobbying, tax, and money laundering laws.

The New York Times reported that Hunter Biden "paid off a substantial tax liability."

The U.S. attorney in Delaware David C. Weiss is leading the case. The Biden administration kept Weiss on the job because they didn't want to appear to interfere in the investigation by replacing him by a Democratic appointee.

The White House has asked questions of the Department of Justice.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, stated last month that she was a spokesperson for the United States in response to questions regarding Hunter Biden. She asked questions about the investigation at the Justice Department and stated that Hunter Biden's son "He doesn’t work in government."

CBS News has not received a response from Hunter Biden's lawyer.


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