BAMF: E-mails are supposed to burden former Bremen boss

According to a report, Ulrike B. has given in a correspondence, 34;d as System 34; cheat. The lawyer of the former Bremen boss rejects the accusation.

BAMF: E-mails are supposed to burden former Bremen boss

In investigation of irregularities in asylum decisions of Bremer bamf, police have provided information of mirror with e-mails which former head of branch office should charge. The correspondence contains clues that Ulrike B. Had cooperated with two accused lawyers as well, reports magazine. The aim was refore to help as many applicants as possible to make a positive decision quickly – irrespective of wher ir information was true and complete.

In an e-mail, B. According to a mirror to one of lawyers has conceded to cheat " system" in order to secure Syrian applicants to stay in Germany. The e-mail was thus written in October 2014, i.e. before climax of so-called refugee crisis. In anor case, B. Has asked an accused lawyer to "omit reference to Bulgaria". So far, re has been a suspicion of cooperation with lawyers, without concrete evidence of fraud or corruption having become public.

The Bremen Public Prosecutor's office did not want to comment on report with reference to ongoing investigation. The lawyer of Ulrike B. Rejected accusations against his client.

Size of operation unclear

The accusation against Bremen bamf is that asylum decisions were decided incorrectly between 2013 and 2016. The prosecutor's office is investigating former director and or accused. However, it is unclear how great scandal really is or wher it exists at all: from originally supposedly more than 1,200 wrong decisions is now no longer a speech, but only by a few hundred – how many of m but actually unlawfully are unknown. There are also doubts about accusations of bribery against former head of authority.

The Bremen branch office is not allowed to present any asylum notices at this time. The federal office in Nuremberg got a new boss because of irregularities. In wake of refugee crisis, authority was strongly and quickly expanded in order to be able to work on multitude of asylum applications. To date, Office's personnel base is being increased.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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