“Beauty and the Beast” fans have already seen Belle (Emma Watson) perform her self-titled song in a teaser trailer. This time around, the spotlight is on Gaston (Luke Evans) and his ever-loyal sidekick, LeFou (Josh Gad).

In a new trailer shared by Entertainment Weekly, Evans and Gad performed the song “Gaston.” It’s reminiscent of the song performed in the Disney animated film, and it will surely take fans on a trip down memory lane.

But despite its similarity to the animated film, Evans earlier revealed that the live movie adaptation will have a few surprises up its sleeve. “We have lines that were not in the original,” Evans said. “The guys did at Disney reviewed all the transcripts and recordings, they’ve been able to go back through those hours and hours of recorded footage, and listen to lyrics that were written and never used, which are actually gems. For the audience who know the song immensely well — which I think is most people — you will hear a few new lines, which are really really special.”

Even the Beast (Dan Stevens) is given more of a backstory in this upcoming film. Fans will get to see the prince before he got cursed and discover why he became such a mean-spirited person. “I suppose we see a little bit of his backstory. We learn a little bit more about this vain, spoiled, rich kid, son of a billionaire who treats women like objects and lives in a luxury tower,” Stevens said, according to the Evening Standard.

The same goes for Belle, who is not only a voracious reader, but a clever inventor just like her father in the new movie.

“Beauty and the Beast,” which is directed by Bill Condon, will hit cinemas on March 17. Luke Evans is going to star as Gaston in Disney’s live action remake of “Beauty and the Beast.” In this photo, the actor attends a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of a new Bulgari store in Moscow, Russia on May 24, 2016. Photo: Reuters/Maxim Shemetov

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