Berlin: 19-year-old guilty of assault on Israeli

A court sentenced the Syrian who had attacked a Kippaträger to four weeks ' arrest. The victim in the process continued to feel insecure.

Berlin: 19-year-old guilty of assault on Israeli

After attack on a tipper-carrying Israeli in Berlin, 19-year-old defendant was pleaded guilty for insult and dangerous bodily injury. The local Court Tiergarten imposed a four-week arrest against Syrian for juvenile criminal law. The sentence is considered to be served because of detention. In addition, he is placed under parental supervision for one year.

The indictment required four weeks of arrest and 40 hours of recreational work. The prosecutor said on Monday in his plea that defendant had held Israeli and his friend because of Tippa for Jews. His goal was to insult and beat. It was a "case of hate crime".

The Syrian was accused of dangerous assault and insult. The accused had insulted Israeli and his friend – a German Moroccans – and beaten Israeli with a belt. The incident occurred on April 17th in Prenzlauer Berg district. The Israeli was at time with Jewish headgear Tippa on road.

At start of trial, defendant had been punched with a trouser belt, but anti-Semitic motives were denied. He felt himself in right, because he was first insulted and insulted, 19-year-old gave in court. He also took drugs. He only met man a few times.

At least ten strokes

The Israeli had filmed attack and put recording on Internet. In movie section you can see how a man with a belt hits end of film and calls "Jew" in Arabic. According to indictment, belt buckle hit victim on face, belly and legs, a lip burst. Thus Israeli was beaten with his belt at least ten times.

The Israeli, according to his own words, still feels uncertain. "I would not put Tippa back on when I am alone," 21-year-old had said in court. The student is, according to his own data, not Jewish faith, but grew up among Jews.

The attack had caused outrage nationwide--high-ranking politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), had been shown to be affected. This was also result of a debate on anti-Semitism in Germany, which, according to federal government's anti-Semitism commissioner, must not be completed even after end of process. "It must absolutely alert us if Jews can no longer feel safe in every place," said Felix Klein. The process must "also be a signal": "Anyone who expresses or presses himself anti-Semitic is outside our society."

Date Of Update: 26 June 2018, 12:02

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