Berlin: Foreigners ' Authority should have ignored warnings before sham marriages

In Berlin, Nigerians are supposed to have crept into their stay with forged documents. According to RBB, the foreigners ' authority should not have reacted for a long time.

Berlin: Foreigners ' Authority should have ignored warnings before sham marriages

According to a media report, Berlin Immigration Office has been a fraud in status of residence for years – despite warnings from employees. Between January 2015 and September 2017, Nigerians in about 200 cases should have been concerned with use of forged documents and fake marriages with mostly Portuguese women, a so-called EU residence card, as Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg reports. The card certifies right of entry and residence. Behind stitch was refore a gang of six people.

According to RBB information, gang, now accused of Berlin district Court, has repeatedly applied same trick. An allegedly Portuguese-Nigerian couple had appeared in Immigration Office and applied for residence card for family members of EU citizens. The applications were mostly granted. The necessary and submitted documents were, however, all forged.

In most cases, marriage were previously forged in Nigeria. German employment contracts and salary certificates of alleged Portuguese wife were made by a former brol owner in Berlin. For appointment in Immigration Office, a Portuguese from drug milieu was usually flown in. In one case, one and same Portuguese seven times – each with a different name – a request for ir alleged Nigerian husband.

As RBB continues to report, employees of foreigners ' authority should have repeatedly pointed out ir superiors to inconsistencies in applications and award of residence permits. But se warnings remained without consequences. On or hand, Berlin Senate administration responsible for internal affairs notified broadcaster that it had reacted immediately after events were known and that requests from Nigerian citizens were now being examined particularly intensively.

Senate rejects accusations

Also on request from time online A spokesman of interior Senate rejected accusations. The foreigners ' authority did not tolerate anything for years or at all. In October 2015, Commission had already taken up suspicions, took it seriously and in certain cases redefined procedure. For example, Portuguese marriage certificates have been verified. In August 2016, after suspicions had become more concrete, authority reacted even more restrictive. In order to exclude multiple identities, light images have been matched.  Nigerian marriage were no longer recognized, and re had been so-called Scheinehenbefragungen. According to RBB, however, Foreign Office had already ordered 2010 that, because of widespread corruption and counterfeiting in Nigeria, correctness of all documents had to be "fundamentally challenged".

According to Senate spokesman on time online, foreigners ' authority has so far known 173 cases. The suspects would now all be summoned and listened to. They are threatened with withdrawal of EU residence permit and deportation. The Berlin police had 2017aufgedeckt fraud series with sham marriages in September. On Friday trial of five women and a man began before district Court of Berlin. The men from Nigeria should have paid many thousands of euros to gang of smugglers whose boss is to come from Portugal. The indictment assumes that group has collected up to 15,000 euros in individual cases.

Date Of Update: 30 May 2018, 12:02

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