BERLIN-Neukölln: Come on, we're going to the focus school

She used to be a rest school, then a group of parents decided: Let's give her a chance. Now everyone wants to go there.

BERLIN-Neukölln: Come on, we're going to the focus school
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    Immediately begins lesson of Mrs. Fleischmann, two young women murmur to each or. It's going to be really great. Today Elternbeim can watch lessons, it is open day at Neukölln Karlsgartenschule. And crowd is huge. While Imbackground giggling girls with colourful headscarves whizz by, Drängensich before info stand academic parents.

    In Adarea, Christine Mallon answers questions. No, headmaster says she can't take all children. Yes, it's going to be decision. No, you couldn't do anything. About 30 fars and mors are in room, some have Babysdabei, some stand because re are not enough chairs for everyone.

    What is a cross-section? Is re a lot of teaching? "Good teachers and educators suchenwir here too," says Mallon. Personnel planning is currently one of your biggest concerns. That of parents is: how do I get a place at this elementary school?

    Hardly any one wanted to voluntarily school his children here

    Berliner Karlsgartenschule is third most popular public elementary school in district of Neukölln. A school for which families have already hired a lawyer to come to a place. This year re were 40 children on list, all of m not in Einzugsgebietwohnen. In end, Lea was able to raffle five seats. Judging by crowds on this open door day at end of May, interest in coming year is likely to continue to rise.

    And this is an amazing development. Because DieKarlsgartenschule will ever have to reject children has niemandgedacht a few years ago. Here, no one wanted to voluntarily register his child.

    There was no discipline in past. That was crazy. Christine Mallon, head of Karlsgartenschule

    Question Time is over, Mallon sits back in her office, fills tables, when which class has school court. Every few minutes, it knocks at door. Mallon has been a school head for a year. When she came to school as a teacher ten years ago, everything looked different. At that time, colleagues despaired of students. There was a lot of yelling and little learning. "In past re was no discipline," says Mallon. "That was already crass."

    What happened to fact that this NeuköllnerProblemschule has become a magnet for Gutverdienende center-class parents?

    There was keinenBrandbrief, no distress call, as teachers of nearby Rütli School wrote to him in March 2006. There was also no own VomSenat prescribed sponsorship program for Karlsgartenschule. No targeted actions of school management to lure coveted Elternan to school. But re was a group of dedicated parents.

    First of all Susann Worschech. On this day, she distributes sprinkle cakes and filter coffee to curious parents, explains where classroom is, how school's nursery concept works and why Karlsgartenschule is in her opinion best of city.

    Let's give neighborhood school a chance!

    Worschech is 38 years old, social scientist, married, has three children. A friendly woman with colourful dresses undkurzen, strawberry blond curls. One that tackles. And or can pull if she wants.

    2012 your eldest daughter should be trained. The family applied for a year earlier at EvangelischenPrivatschule, but only landed on waiting list. The Karlsgartenschule has been assigned. The focus school around corner, 90 percent of DerKinder had a learning allowance, so too little money to pay school materials mselves. It was time that headmaster Mallon called "already crass". "Many parents prefer to drive ir children to or districts by car than to look at Karlsgartenschule," says Worschech.

    But she wanted her daughter to go to school in neighborhood. And since it had not worked out with evangelical, only solution was: give neighborhood school a chance!

    Date Of Update: 20 July 2018, 12:02

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