Berlin: Police shoots at rampaging man in the Berliner Dom

In Berlin, the police shot a man. He got hurt, just like a cop. There are no signs of a terrorist background.

Berlin: Police shoots at rampaging man in the Berliner Dom

Imberliner Dom shot police on Sunday on a rampaging man and hit him by legs. In addition, a police officer was slightly injured. "At about 4pm re was a stake in Berliner Domwegen of a rampaging person," said a police spokeswoman. "In aftermath, it was through a police officer to use firearm."

According to police, both men are a 53-year-old Austrian. He was fiddling with a knife and acting aggressively. The church staff agreed to police, said police spokesman. About a hundred people were n in safety Gebrachtworden. Alsdie police shot at man, cadral was already cleared.

The officials had repeatedly asked aggressive man to put knife down, it was said in police communication. When he ignored this, police would have used pepper spray – also without success. Finally, one of officials shot and met man, but also a colleague. The police officer was already able to leave hospital after a treatment.

UPDATE 2Als The first patrol in cadral meets rioters, re is a shot by one of our college, where both rioters and a colleague were injured and treated in hospital. The exact circumstances determine our third Moko

— Police Berlin (@polizeiberlin) June 3, 2018

A homicide commission desLandeskriminalamtes determined in case. Investigators do not see a terrorist background according to current findings. The man's motive is still unclear. "As things stand at present, we do not have any knowledge that could in any way prove a terrorist or Islamist motivation to this suspects," said police spokesman.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:02

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