Bernie Sanders is open to a third run for the presidency

According to a memo from one of Sanders' top advisors, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is open to another run for President Biden's White House seat if he decides to not run for reelection.

Bernie Sanders is open to a third run for the presidency

"In the event that there is an open 2024 Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Sanders hasn't ruled out another run for the presidency, so we recommend that you answer all questions about 2024 keeping that in mind," Faiz Shahar, Sanders' campaign manager in 2020 wrote in a memo to his allies.

The memo was first reported by The Washington Post, and later obtained by CBS News. It is called "Embrace the Attacks."

The memo states that "As the campaign heats up across the country in states, your political enemies and their corporate-aligned ally will try to make it feel defensive about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ support for your candidate," We advise you to accept the attacks.

CBS News reached out Sanders' team but has yet to receive a response. According to Sanders' spokesperson Mike Casca, it is frustrating that the private memo was leaked to media. However, the main fact is that Senator Sanders is still the most popular person in office.

Recent polling by YouGov found Sanders to be the most popular incumbent in the country. A NBC News survey found that Sanders' endorsement would increase 71% of Democratic primary voters' willingness to vote for a candidate. The article also highlights Sanders' recent labor work, including a trip to Staten Island to support Amazon workers, and to Richmond, Virginia to support Starbucks workers.

Sanders was the last Democratic candidate who dropped out of 2020's presidential primary. Sanders stated to the Washington Post in May 2020 that the chances of him running again for president were "very, very slim".

Sanders stated, "It's extremely unlikely that I will be running for president ever again." "I believe that next time you'll see another candidate wearing the progressive banner."

Some of the most prominent names being considered as possible future presidential candidates are Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently wrote an New York Times opinion piece about what Democrats should do in order to improve their midterm prospects. Also, Reps. Ro Khanna and Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez from New York.

Pete D'Alessandro worked with Sanders' Iowa presidential campaigns in 2016 & 2020. He suggested that Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley was someone progressives could rally behind.

D'Alessandro stated to CBS News that he is "one of the most decent people in public life." "He would make a great progressive candidate to run."

This may be irrelevant if the 79 year-old president runs again in 2024. In December, Mr. Biden stated to ABC News that he would be running again if he is in "good health".

Valerie Biden Owens was the brother of President George W. Bush and his long-time advisor. She said that she would like her brother to run for office again in 2024 even though he will be in his 80s.

She told Norah O'Donnell, anchor of CBS Evening News, that she believes he is the right person for the job.

Many in the Democratic Party will be calling for Joe Biden's decision. However, it is normal to wait until after the midterms. Former President Donald Trump applied to run for reelection at Inauguration Day. However, George W. Bush and Barack Obama filed their paperwork in spring 2003, their third year of office.

Biden's staff knows that the formal launch of a reelection campaign creates a series of logistical and legal challenges that will require a recalibration in day-to-day operations.

Shakir's memo states that Sanders will participate in the 2022 midterms. He is seeking advice on where to travel. It also states that Sanders will be supporting more candidates.

It also gives top Sanders supporters advice on how to answer questions about Sanders' support. The memo instructs candidates being questioned about Sanders' endorsement to state that Sanders is "putting forward an extremely popular vision of the Democratic Party that will win over critical support that we lost"

This memo provides guidance on how candidates and their allies should answer questions about whether or not they would support a Sanders challenger to Mr. Biden in 2024.

The memo states that Sen. Sanders is focused "on helping Joe Biden have an effective presidency". Bernie, as Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee was a tireless advocate for President Obama's policy agenda. To promote Build Back Better, he visited Republican Congressional Districts . This legislation was stopped unfortunately by corporate Democrats.


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