Biden announces a new round of $800 million in military aid to Ukraine

Washington --President Biden said Thursday that the U.S. would provide additional security assistance to Ukraine in the next phrase of the war with Russia, with Russian forces continuing to expand their large-scale offensive for control of Ukraine's eastern region.

Biden announces a new round of $800 million in military aid to Ukraine

According to the president, the equipment will "further enhance Ukraine's ability in the east in order to fight in Donbas region." According to the Defense Department, the package contains 72 155mm howitzers with 144,000 artillery rounds and 72 tactical vehicles that can tow them. It also includes 121 unmanned aerial vehicle system systems (known as "Phoenix Ghost") drones.

"We won’t always be in a position to announce everything our partners are doing for Ukraine in its struggle for freedom but to modernize Teddy Roosevelt’s famous advice, sometimes, we will speak softly, carry a large Javelin because we’re sending a lot in as well," he stated. He was referring to the anti-tank weapons that the U.S. provided to Ukraine to eliminate Russian vehicles. "But we are not sitting on the money that Congress has given to Ukraine. It will be sent directly to the frontlines of freedom to the skilled and fearless Ukrainian fighters who are in the breach.

President Trump stated that he would request Congress to pass a supplemental bill for Ukraine to increase funding when lawmakers return to Washington next Wednesday. The White House's deputy press secretary Karine Jean Pierre told reporters that the United States will have "almost exhausted" the drawdown authority Congress granted Ukraine for security assistance.

A new humanitarian parole program was also announced by Mr. Biden for Ukrainians with U.S. connections. This would allow them to enter America directly via an "expedient route" rather than the southern border. Since the U.S. requires visas to enter the country, thousands of Ukrainians have flown to Mexico to seek asylum.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden met with Denys Shmyhal, the Ukrainian Prime Minister. He said they had a "good" conversation. They also discussed ways to ensure that European allies remain united in their support for Ukraine.

The U.S. will provide $500 million in budgetary aid to Ukraine to cover its government expenses, including salaries, pensions, and other programs. During a meeting with Shmyhal, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other Ukrainian officials in Washington, the U.S. announced the financial assistance.

Yellen stated that Ukraine's urgent needs are being met and that the United States plans to send direct aid to Ukraine to meet those most pressing needs. "We are aware that this is just the beginning of what Ukraine needs to rebuild. I am committed to working with Congress and our international allies and partner to continue to support this support in both the medium and the long-term."

This week, the treasury secretary met with the heads the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and G-7 countries. It was the first meeting of these officials since the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Discussions have centered on the need for more assistance.

This new security assistance package adds to roughly $2.6 billion that the U.S. already sent to Ukraine to strengthen its defenses against Russia. Russia has continued to mount attacks in an attempt to seize control over the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

On Wednesday, President Biden met with military leaders at the White House and praised their "exceptional work" in arming and equipping Ukrainian fighters to defend their country from Russian invasion.

"I knew they were proud and tough, but I'm telling you what, they are tougher than I thought," said Mr. Biden about the Ukrainian people. I'm impressed by what they are doing with your support, both in terms of providing assistance and weaponry, as well as the rest of NATO. Every day, weapons and ammunition are coming in. We are seeing how important our alliances, partnerships around the globe are."

After Russian troops suffered setbacks earlier, Ukraine is now ready for the next phase of war. A growing number of allies have joined the U.S. and are rushing to bring military supplies and weapons into Ukraine.

According to a defense official, Ukrainian soldiers are learning howitzer use by U.S. troops. Over the past few days, numerous military equipment flights from the $800 million package arrived in the region with many aircraft carrying it.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, pledged Tuesday that his country would send heavy artillery and other supplies to Ukraine in response to Russia's attack. Mark Rutte , the Dutch Prime Minister, stated earlier this week to Volodymyr Zelenskyy that he had told him that the Netherlands would be sending more material to Ukraine, including armored vehicles.


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